How to instill confidence in the site?

Доверие к сайту

Very often one hears that sites cannot be trusted, and that "they painted here that they have a large company and have been working on the market for 10 years, but in fact it is Vasya Pupkin who sits in the basement, sews clothes on a typewriter and works in black" . So how do you ensure that your site is trusted and there are no suspicions. What are the building blocks of trust in the company's website? What should a website contain to be trusted by people?

For this article, we will assume that the source site:

  • is not located on a free hosting and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
  • has its own individual and original design;
  • the website meets usability requirements;
  • has unique content.

It would seem, what else is needed?

  • The site must contain a section "About the company", which should contain photos of employees, their positions, so that the visitor can see the faces of those people who work in the company. And if your company employs 20 people, then place all 20.
  • The company website should have a page with contact information. Moreover, it should not be 1 mobile phone and email on a free mail server. Here you need to present several phones, 1 of them must be a city phone, like a cdma variant. Significantly increases the confidence of visitors by placing a map to the company's office.
  • News must be relevant, otherwise it is no longer news, but an archive of news. What can you think of a company whose latest news on its website dates back to 2008?
  • Photos of the office, working employees will show a working company.
  • A virtual tour of the office or your store will not only delight, but also create the effect of presence.
  • "Live" accounts in social networks speak of the modernity of the company and its concern for its image.
  • The "Reviews" or "Guestbook" section, which contains up-to-date entries, will be another plus for you.
  • Certificates and diplomas that the company has earned must be presented on the website. We hope you don't need to explain why.

Как вызвать доверие

It is impossible to describe all the elements that inspire confidence, but remember the main rule - all elements that show the real work of your organization cause trust. The site should be a reflection of the work of the company, and not "live your own life."

We welcome your comments on the article.

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