How to learn programming the right way

How to learn programming the right way

When you start programming, you make every effort, you want to achieve good results, you do something, it seems to start to work out, and usually somewhere in the middle of the way, when you lose logic, you start not understanding how to do something, or until you didn’t get an understanding of some things, you quit without completing it to the end, without having studied well enough some programming language, or certain principles in general. At the first stage it is quite difficult, because it takes a lot of time to understand the concepts, and often the search for theory overloads the brain, but here it is important to understand that those people who go through these periods turn out to be winners , you just need to make a little more effort, of course, if you we are sure that you have definitely chosen the right profession of a programmer and want to do it. After listening to an hour and a half introduction to the php-Guru course on how to do it right so as not to discourage your desire and craving for programming, I would like to highlight a couple of useful comments.

How to do self-study:

1) What to read?

- It doesn’t matter what to read, it’s better to take the literature of the current year and start learning, of course there are books with complex theoretical concepts for building a structure or complex algorithms, look at them, don’t get caught, you will come to this when you see the need for it, when you feel that you you make working code, but you want to make it more beautiful, simpler and more understandable.

2) Group dynamics.

- If possible, do projects together with other people, maybe your friend would like to start learning too, so start together.

3) 80% practice, 20% theory.

- It is important! More practice, if you read something, be sure to practice it. When you practice more, you will begin to understand the need for theory, when you are faced with the fact that you don’t know how to proceed further or how to do it better, and then you will get into the book not just to read, it’s possible to learn something, but for what you just need to know how to solve your problem.

4) You can not overdo it with the theory.

- The theory is important, but after reading the book and not applying anything from it, in about two weeks you will forget everything that you read, but of course not everything, but the sense of reading is almost zero.

5) Get high from what you do!

- It is important that your program interact with real people. so you can see the fruits of your labor. It will inspire you!

6) Refuse junk information

- It is best to use books as reference books, simply referring to them when you need it, so you can easily absorb information without overloading your brains or clogging it. I am not saying that they should not be read at all just like that, but at the first stage it is better to start learning like this.

7) Minimalism is a programmer's best friend.

-Learn to make simple, easy-to-understand code. Having set yourself the task of, for example, making a blog, start from the beginning with the output of one article, later with several, even further with deleting this article, with editing, then implement comments, etc. Start with simple tasks and gradually complicate your code.

8) Write what I want to achieve in this area in 0.5 / 1 / 3 / 5 years.

For example: 0.5 I want to write a simple business card website; 1 - online store (without online shopping); 3 - a full-fledged online store, a social network; 5 - a full-fledged project that will be very popular.

9) Don't run after money.

- In any case, if your projects are in demand, in any case they will bring you good profit, even if you do not know how to extract it, believe me, there will be people who will help you in this matter. And at the end, a little motivator from me that you can put on your desktop. He will not distract you, sometimes remind you.

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