How to make a monobrand online store attractive to buyers


A mono-brand store is not similar to a typical one, just as the presentation of an iPhone is not similar to an advertising campaign for a smartphone store of all manufacturers. Branding is about feelings, about uniqueness, about stories.

Some investment in development is required, a strategy that helps build trust between the brand and customers. People identify with a particular brand because they feel an emotional connection to it. And the task of a marketer is to make this connection strong and strong.

Elements that help a monobrand store interact with the audience

What elements will help a mono-brand store make a favorable first impression, interest and build trust? There are three main directions here: tell about yourself, demonstrate the company from the inside and make a unique offer to the client. But the elements themselves are a little more. Here are some of them that you should definitely implement if you want the popularity and profitability of a monobrand store to increase:

  1. History . People like to listen to stories. It is through stories that we know why Jobs loved jeans and Elon Musk built a space company. If the story is interesting and open, then the emotional connection between the client and the brand will be strengthened. Be honest with your customers. Let them see what fires you up when you work. Remember how it all began, and be sure to include this moment in history. Tell us about what important business you are doing, how your product changes people's lives, how it is created and by whom. Of course, almost all the ups and downs can be included in the story in order to “revive the brand” as much as possible. The more felt emotions you evoke in the "interlocutor" (read - the buyer), the more likely it is that the decision to make a spontaneous emotional purchase will be in your favor. You can even come up with a legend, add mysticism. But the real story is also better to tell. Surely there were many interesting things on the way to creating a brand. Also mention the principles, what guides you when you create a product. So you will attract people with a similar life position to your “camp”.
  2. Team . No matter how much they talk about interacting with a “brand”, people buy from people. Therefore, a monobrand store needs a special section where they will talk about the team. Do an interesting interview with the owner, but one is not enough. Designers, employees of the control service, managers who take orders by phone, permanent models demonstrating a new collection - each of them deserves to be on the "board of honor" of your online store. What to tell? A short biography or some interesting facts. Complete the story with a professional photo.
  3. Honesty . Don't set high expectations for your clients that you won't meet in your work. This point is especially often related to “no-hassle returns” or “ultra-fast delivery”. You don't have to promise more than you can actually do, and then the trust between the brand and the client will not be destroyed. Be honest about your abilities. As for the points of return and guarantees, they should be described as transparently and accessible as possible so that there can be no allegories. Then there will be no more questions.
  4. Do more than you promise. If you learn to anticipate expectations, then the frequency of purchases will become simply cosmic. People are happy to be cared for. And it’s also nice when they get more for their money than they expected. Of course, you don’t need to put two in a package with one ordered product, but it’s quite possible to supplement the package with a pleasant surprise - a postcard, a good candy, an original calendar. The highlight is the packaging. For a mono-brand online store, it is imperative to develop a special, beautiful and high-quality one, and use it, rather than standard cardboard boxes. Beautiful packaging and the moment of unpacking can even be shown to friends on social networks, but you can’t do this with an ordinary cardboard box, which is perceived as garbage. The more people talk about you on social networks, the more sales the brand will have. Of course, if they talk in a positive way. Therefore, generously give emotions - for example, thank the client for the purchase in writing. For example, include a thank you card with your order.
  5. Knowledge of CA. Interact with your target audience. To successfully promote a monobrand online store, you need to know who the target audience is, what they want, and what difficulties arose before your brand appeared. Understanding is really important. It helps build communication and remove objections that might arise before a purchase.
  6. Processes from within . Show production. This is especially effective when selling premium products. Therefore, Rolls-Royce demonstrates to its customers how wooden interior elements are polished, and jewelry companies demonstrate the entire path of elite jewelry, from a sketch to setting diamonds. Show something that may be of interest to an outside observer. And do not forget that the task of such a video or a story with a photo is not just to provide information, but also to substantiate the declared value of the product. Also, stories related to production help to convey a special atmosphere, the very spirit of the brand.
  7. Content . Quality content means a qualified sales manager who never leaves your online store. The product card should describe the product as much as possible, mention all its features. It is important to demonstrate the uniqueness of the offer, so a simple description will not be enough. You will need the most detailed presentation. For example, for leather furniture, it will include the rules for selecting fabrics that you followed, and detailed photos of textures and seams. You can also develop visualizations that will clearly demonstrate the use of the product.

Investing in brand development is the smartest way to set yourself apart from your competitors. People will buy from you if you keep them interested. And do not forget about individuality - it was she who brought fame to all popular brands today.

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