How to make a seller out of plain text


Как из обычного текста сделать продающий

In order for the client to appreciate the attractiveness of what he is offered to buy, he must read about it on your site. And it is not easy to read, but to understand that he needs this service or product. But unfortunately, the modern user is so spoiled by the presentation of information through colorful pictures and flashing banners that he simply does not want to read the text.

How to attract a visitor to the text? How to correctly place accents and encourage a person to action? How to turn a visitor into a buyer? After all, a well-written commercial offer, announcement or other advertising article is a full-fledged sales tool. If a site visitor reads the text to the end, then the chances that he will make a purchase from you increase significantly.

Sometimes it is difficult to formulate a picture of the text in your head, its structure and, so to speak, to make a product out of a dull set of phrases that will attract attention and induce action.

The structure of the text for the template. A few simple tips

Структура текста для шаблона. Несколько простых советов

Start selling from the first lines . The first lines of a sentence are the main part of the test. This is where you need to briefly and clearly tell what and for whom you offer. No need to "pour water", be specific. After reading these lines, a person should understand the essence and, if this is what he was looking for, place an order. Everything that you will write further is, so to speak, in pursuit, if a brief description of the service or product is not enough.

Describe the components of the service . The next paragraph should tell you what is included in the service. Give a clear understanding of what benefits the client will get by working with you. There should not be any phrases about an individual approach to each client. Only specifics and a set of values that the client will receive.

Advantages. Next, we turn to the praises of our beloved ones. The main thing is not to confuse advantages with properties. In the phrases below, you will understand what is meant:

"Our company will perform the full range of services" - these are properties.

“You will not need to contact the masters to complete the repair. We carry out absolutely all the work: from the purchase of material to communication with utilities. We will take care of everything ourselves” – and these are already advantages.

The principle of your work. In this paragraph, you need to dedicate the client step by step to how the workflow is built. You seem to lift the veil on your future cooperation. Tell us about quality control and how you meet deadlines in your work. A few suggestions are enough. Here you show your professionalism. The purpose of this part of the text is to form an understanding in the client of how your joint work will take place. Don't forget about brevity.

Отзывы от клиентов

"Hook" reviews from customers. And now the person is almost ready to press the “order” button, there is very little left. He needs to convince himself not to waste time on continuing the search. And then his eyes fall on the last lines of the text - reviews of satisfied customers. 2-3 reviews are enough to “hook a fish”.

Using these simple tips, the increase in the number of purchases on your site will not be long in coming :)

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