How to make a site friends with the Venice search algorithm from Google?


Алгоритм Google Венеция (Venice)

Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and... Venice - the professional talk of SEOs and webmasters has smoothly shifted from "animal" to geographical analogies. The Venice search algorithm from Google has fully declared its rights in Ukraine. What does this mean and how should site owners behave now?

The essence of the Venice search algorithm

In fact, Venice has been known for a long time - since February 2012. However, then the fire of attention of the seo-public diverted the update of Panda to version 3.3. Some kind of Venice was left out of the way, until recently the algorithm “inherited” in the vastness of Runet.

Суть поискового алгоритма Венеция

Based on data from Google Places, Venice adjusts the results to the user's location. The result is more personalized search results. By specifying a certain city in the settings, for example, Kyiv, upon request “bakery”, the user will receive links to metropolitan establishments with fresh pastries. Accordingly, organic results for the same keyword, but with a different city in the settings will be different.

7 tips for webmasters and SEOs

Everything leads to the fact that the next year will be held under the auspices of the localization of high-frequency queries, according to which the site is being promoted. At the same time, the presence of a branch of the company and a physical address as such in a particular region is not necessary.

Smartly personalized sites in the top have several common features.

  1. Landing pages optimized for a specific region. Even if a specific resource does not have a physical address in a particular city, it must have a landing page “sharpened” for this location.
  2. Scheme: city + request. High ranking can also be achieved by mentioning the location along with the keyword in the title, description and keywords.
  3. Personalized content. Focusing on a specific area, a competent combination of meta tags with site content also has a beneficial effect on positions in local SERPs.
    Разметка адресов под венецию
  4. Address markup. In order for Google to know for sure about the geographical orientation of the site, it is necessary to mark up contact details and other information about the company using the and services.
  5. KML file . Using the resource, you can create a KML file that is responsible for displaying accurate geospatial data about a company for Google Earth.
  6. Localized link building . Article promotion, also known as content marketing, also works effectively to increase the position of a resource in the search results controlled by the Venice algorithm. Comments with links to the promoted resource posted on sites and forums of similar and related topics, hash tags indicating the city - all this will help build up the link mass of local pages. Guest posting on local blogs and social signals from pages linked to the promotion region serve the same purpose.
    Уникальный контент
  7. Unique content . While working on optimizing the site for the Venice algorithm, you should not forget about his fellow tribesmen. Panda does not sleep and can apply sanctions to the site for duplicate texts. There is only one way out - to fill the resource with unique content for the needs of localization.

We hope that our explanations and recommendations helped you understand the principles of the Venice algorithm. Do not forget to improve and develop your resource to always be in the top of localized organic search results.

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