How to plan a budget for website promotion?

Бюджет на продвижение сайта

If you are reading this post, then you have probably already come to the conclusion that you have to pay money for website promotion on the Internet . Those. now there is no need to tell on the fingers that this is the same necessary expense item as the usual advertising budget for any product or service. It is worth noting only one point: flyers, banners on the streets, television and radio advertisements - all this is shooting at sparrows from a cannon, as opposed to the correct positioning and promotion of your site. The conversion (number of sales or orders) from an audience collected from search engines is much higher than from regular media advertising, since a potential client is looking for a product/service on the Internet and comes to your site.

So, a budget has been allocated for promotional work. If we adhere to the rule that the solution to the problem is 99% dependent on the correct formulation of the problem, then we should understand what result we want to get as an output. Obviously targeted visitors ! Those. not just idle visits by random web users, but determined people who are willing to pay for something and were looking for something in search engines when they entered relevant search queries into the search bar. From this we can conclude that it is very important to find these specific keywords.

At the second stage, it is necessary to estimate the cost of promoting these queries in such a way that they appear in the top ten search engine results as quickly as possible . This is where the promotion budget begins. The fact is that the promotion of requests that are very often searched for ( for example: telephones, cars, plastic windows, etc. ) is very, very expensive. This is due to very high competition and many other factors, but this is not about that...

Therefore, with a limited budget or simply based on the desire to save a little, you can pick up 10-20 related queries, the TOP-10 of which will cost less than the TOP for one, but very competitive search query. However, the promoted site will collect no less targeted visitors, but for a more modest amount! Do not forget the fact that maintaining the position of the site in the first 10 lines of search engine results will require monthly "infusions". Therefore, every month the difference in the promotion of a highly competitive request, in comparison with the promotion of several more modest ones, will constantly grow.

But that's not all! There are such topics and queries where promotion under search engines practically does not make sense, since it is cheaper to buy user transitions from contextual advertising systems. And each target visitor will cost much less than the same one, but who came through a link from the search results.

At the end of the article, I would like to urge you to think about the fact that it makes a lot of sense to combine both approaches to attract targeted visitors to the site. We will talk about other, more sophisticated methods of increasing site traffic ( viral advertising, social advertising, etc. ) in the following articles...

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