How to predict SEO performance?


Как спрогнозировать эффективность SEO

It will take a lot of time, efforts of specialists and, of course, costs to conquer the top positions for the site. The peak has been reached, traffic is provided, but there were no sales and no. What is the reason? Who is guilty? Is it possible to predict such an outcome in advance?

The whole truth about website promotion

Promotion is a long-term, labor-intensive and expensive process. With a sufficient budget, the vast majority of promoted sites achieve the desired result, whether it be high ranking or attendance, but not all of them achieve the expected commercial success.

SEO can guarantee the effectiveness of promotion and traffic growth, but not the exact position (or a well-defined number of visitors to the resource), since there are many factors and restrictions beyond the control of SEOs.

Promotion costs should pay off, and ideally, generate income. In other words: the profit from orders on the site must exceed the monthly budget for promotion. At the same time, the time required for the user to make a decision should be taken into account: inexpensive everyday goods (food, clothing) are bought spontaneously, emotionally, right now, and for the purchase of expensive luxury products (cars, real estate) it will take months to think and compare market offers.

A company that has already worked in the same topic can predict the result of promotion with the smallest error. Thanks to this experience, a more reliable forecast is made, after what time and how much traffic will increase, or what positions the site will receive.

How to get the most out of SEO?

How to understand that SEO is promising for a particular resource? Website promotion, like climbing a mountain peak, requires time for preparation and special equipment. Follow the scheme below, and the undertaking will be safe and successful.

Как получить максимальный результат от SEO

Goal setting –> Evaluation of keywords, site, product and competitors –> Finding the right tools –> Competent promotion –> Collecting statistics and analyzing sales.

  1. Goal setting. To achieve the best result, first of all, it is necessary to create a cost-effective semantic core. Properly selected key queries for which promotion is planned is one of the first and determining factors for the success of the resource. Further, we start from the global goal that is common to all - sales, and define local tasks: top 3, top 10, traffic growth; an increase in the average check or the number of visitors.
  2. Evaluation of keywords, site, product and competitors. Order contextual advertising in search engines and analyze keywords - really clickable ones can and should be taken into promotion. Already at this stage, you can determine the demand for the products offered, the quality of the site and service. Has there been a noticeable increase in the number of applications on the site? The answer is yes - we order an SEO service, no - we look for a problem and fix it, or we experiment with another group of keywords, and then analyze the result of an advertising campaign again. To improve the efficiency of an online business, it is also necessary to periodically conduct a comparative analysis of competitors, and implement the observations obtained in practice, improving your own resource.
  3. Finding the right tools. Having defined goals and collected data on advertising in search engines, you can draw up a clear plan for further actions and choose the most appropriate methods of promotion, the quantity and quality of external links and content on the site. At this stage, you can already estimate the budget and timing.
  4. Smart promotion. SEO is a daily painstaking work directly with the site and external factors. All work on internal optimization, increasing the quality of expert reference mass and improving behavioral factors should be aimed at increasing user loyalty and long-term development of the resource.
  5. Collection of statistics and analysis of sales. We check the result of the work done. Analytics systems will help a lot in this matter. Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics, LiveInternet - these and many other services, with the proper approach, allow you to track the trend, adjust further actions and increase the effectiveness of website promotion.

The simplest criterion for evaluating the quality of SEO work is conversion, if a site visitor has made a lead (subscribed to the newsletter, placed an order or left a request), then such promotion can be called effective.

How to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses for site promotion?

To avoid unprofitable investments in SEO and search advertising, you need to pay attention to:

  • demand for a product or service;
  • price competitiveness;
  • quality of service for site visitors;
  • elements that inspire trust among potential customers (quality certificates, warranty service, details, loyal return policy, detailed information and physical address of the company, photos of employees and office);
  • information message and call to action - the correct presentation of a product or service.

Follow our advice and in no case stop there. Competitors do not sleep and also invest a lot of money in their projects. After completing the entire range of work to promote the site, in order to maintain efficiency, it is necessary to support and improve the achieved positions and traffic.

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