How to promote mobile applications? 15 tips


It is believed that on average a person uses various mobile applications for 3-4 hours daily. In order for your application to take up some of this time, you need to promote it. To do this, they use a cyclic scheme, which includes attraction, retention, activation and virality. The user follows this path. And at each stage there are marketing "chips" that allow you to increase interest and loyalty.

Basic Mobile Marketing Tips

To attract visitors, use:

  1. Joint (or cross) promotion. At the initial stages, it is worth teaming up with brands of your or related topics - the main thing is that the target audience should be similar. Such a combination will fill the budget for promotion and attract more visitors.
  2. Call "Add to waiting list" , even if the version for some of the operating systems has not yet been launched. Usually, the "Launching soon" button is chosen, but it may not be of sufficient interest to the user. Most likely, the visitor will not return. If a person adds your application to the waiting list, then by the time of release, the application will already have its own subscription base.
  3. Use the "domino effect" or "word of mouth" .

    Как продвигать мобильные приложения - Используйте «эффект домино» или «сарафанное радио».

    If at least one large media (information) site reviews your application (or at least mentions it), then it will automatically become interesting for both users and smaller sites. So you can get a lot of free reviews.
  4. Give it a five! To form an app rating, you need at least 5 ratings. Do you want five stars? Ask friends or family to rate the app.
  5. Get featured.

    Как продвигать мобильные приложения - Обеспечьте фичеринг

    Your application needs to get into the selection of the best according to the AppStore or Google Play. To do this, use networking. Communicating with experts in your industry and participating in specialized events will help promote the application.
  6. Stay tuned for updates in the app stores. If you can be one of the first to implement new store requirements, it will work for your reputation. The use of new chips and technologies will help you get on the list of recommendations.
  7. Promote your app with peer-to-peer advertising. Advertise partner offers in exchange for advertising from their side. This approach allows you to increase coverage with a minimal budget.
  8. Communicate on profile resources like Hacker News. Any discussion of your application can benefit the promotion. The main thing is to notice and react in a timely manner. In addition, you can interact with your potential visitors in specialized communities and motivate them to use your application.
  9. Start with a limited segment of users.

    Как продвигать мобильные приложения - Начинайте старт с ограниченного сегмента пользователей.

    Test in a specific region before rolling out the app across the country. This approach is called soft launch. It helps to study the reaction of users without much financial investment.
  10. Use video ads. They are especially effective for social networks, besides, they are cheaper in advertising campaigns than static ones.
  11. Consider SEO requirements. Optimize your landing page for better rankings. And don't forget about App Store Optimization or ASO - optimization for key store rankings.
  12. Identify Mobile Moments and use them.

    Как продвигать мобильные приложения - Идентифицируйте Mobile Moments и используйте их.

    This term is understood as special “mobile moments” - those that attract users in the mobile version more than in the desktop one.

There are three more secrets that will help in activation and retention

  1. Personalization. It is difficult to surprise the user, but it is very important that the first impression is positive. For example, address a person by name or use unobtrusive advertising.
  2. Demo version. Demo users are three times more likely to purchase the paid version. If you do not use "delayed launch", then during the first week more than 90% of users will forget about the application. And don't forget about the limited supply: a purchase discount or demo doesn't have to be "always".
  3. Push notifications. Trigger a series of their toast notifications right after the user installs the apps. These notices should contain recommendations and advice on how to use the products.

It is not enough to simply develop and launch a mobile application. It is also important to ensure its promotion. Use the tips below or contact the professionals!

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