How to secure first sales through marketplaces and price aggregators


Popular platforms like Prom,, Hotline work on the principle of price aggregators and marketplaces. That is, they collect information about products and prices from different sellers and show it to the user who came from a commercial search request . It is interesting that these platforms dominate in the search results for many queries with the word “buy”, therefore, it is on them that a potential client will make a choice – which store to take their money to.

Such sites are beneficial for buyers, as they allow you to choose the best offer and the most responsible seller. They are also beneficial for online stores, because sellers will only pay for clicks to the site and receive a client who is confidently ready to part with the money.

Who benefits from organizing the first sales through price aggregators

sales through price aggregators

Using marketplaces is a quick start for a growing business. This method of sales is suitable for newly opened stores with electronics and household appliances, if they have working and convenient websites, and prices for popular models are average or lower. It is with the help of platforms that you can get the first customers and positive feedback about your work, build a reputation and ensure stable profits over time. After all, even sellers with a zero rating can attract customers to them (due to low prices or extended warranty obligations).

rating of price aggregators

You can not promote the entire range of products, but only those that are most popular for the user. In any case, do not forget that your offers on the site, as well as the reviews left by users, will have to be carefully monitored. It is not enough to upload a price list once and just wait for customers - you will need to set up analytics tools and periodically change offers.

Advantages of selling goods through marketplaces

sale of goods through marketplaces

The main benefits of such cooperation are:

  1. To get started, you only need to register an updated price list or integrate a special site module into the site. Thus, it will be possible to automatically transfer information about goods (technical characteristics and warranty obligations), prices and availability to the site. The advertising budget for the launch is minimal.
  2. It is easy to analyze the popularity of products. Information about unpopular or expensive (compared to competitors) products can be disabled. You can also experiment with different aggregators and different price lists.
  3. The sites bring customers who are ready to buy and provide good traffic to the site. Due to the popularity of aggregators, a wide coverage of potential buyers is provided without any investment on your part.

How to achieve high sales?

How to achieve high sales on the price aggregator?

The most popular categories on aggregator sites are electronics, gadgets, large and small household appliances, computers and their components. That is, these are products where technical characteristics and cost are considered the key parameters of choice. For products that are bought on emotion (for example, textiles or jewelry), such a sales organization may not bring the desired results.

However, everything needs to be tested. Price aggregators are the same marketing channel as all the others, so experiments, tests and adjustments are indispensable here.

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