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Sample code on the site.


defines the source of the video:

Attributes and values

  • autoplay="autoplay" - The video plays immediately after the page is loaded.
  • autobuffer="autobuffer" – the video is already playing when the page is loaded.
  • controls="controls" – video player control panel.
  • loop="loop" - at the end, the video is played again.
  • src="url" – video source.
  • type="video/ogg" - defines the video format.
  • height="" – height of the video player.
  • width="" – width of the video player.

Source of this article

The examples show which file formats were used. Let's hope that web browser developers eventually come to an agreement and choose one video format that will receive cross-browser support. But this is in the future, but for now we are content with what we have.

Bonus joke:

— I sent you photos of our products
— Sorry, but they are in blurry quality and 80×150 pixels. How do you imagine it will look on A4?
— Well, can you improve the quality of the photo?
- Well, not that much.
- And I saw in the cinema that you can make any photo perfect.

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