Ice + SEO = 10 times more sales

Гололед + SEO = в 10 раз больше продаж

The practical folk advice “to prepare a sleigh in the summer” is also effective in Internet marketing. This time in the section "Analysis of heats" we will talk about the promotion and rapid increase in traffic to an inexpensive site specializing in the sale of ice drifts.

The site is interesting for several reasons.

1. Inexpensive site.

The resource was created as part of our product "Simple Solution" (offer "Website for 3000 UAH"). We have always known that “simple” ≠ “bad”, and now we can also prove this theorem with a specific example. The choice of the business card format is justified and logical, it is determined by the peculiarities of our client's business.

2. One product for sale.

The site was made for a specific product - anti-slip devices on ice. In the case when there is only one product and is divided into only two subspecies, a simple website can work many times more efficiently than a full-fledged online store.

3. Immediate optimization and promotion of the site.

We do not tire of popularizing the idea of preparing a site for the use of SEO tools at the development stage, then a comprehensive campaign to promote the resource should follow. With the site of ice drifts, we did everything as it should be: we resorted to SEO immediately after the creation of the resource.

Immediately after the development (October 2012), a comprehensive internal optimization of the site was carried out, as a result, in the winter of 2012-2013, the resource traffic was a maximum of 153 people / day from search engines.

График посещаемости после проведения комплексной внутренней оптимизация сайта

Graph of attendance after a comprehensive internal optimization of the site.

Preparations for the winter ice season 2013-2014 began with a full promotion of the site long (5 months) before the start of the seasonal demand for goods. In July, we were already at a low start in order to reap the benefits of promotion in the winter - 570 people / day from search engines.

График посещаемости после проведения кампании по продвижению сайта

Graph of attendance after the campaign to promote the site.

4. Positions in the TOP-10 for a short period.

It is no coincidence that the search engines evaluated the site of our clients and assigned it high positions in the search results, this was due to advance preparation for the competition for a place in the TOP-10 for promoted queries.

At the moment, the resource is in the top for ≈ 100 high-frequency and low-frequency queries.

The site was not promoted by other types of advertising - only SEO, only hardcore. As always, we will show all the most interesting in graphs and pictures.

Дневник погоды за декабрь от Gismeteo

Weather diary for December from Gismeteo.

Now the most interesting thing is the site traffic during this period.

It is quite predictable that the period of December frosts had a positive effect on the site traffic indicators - according to the diagram, you can trace the increase to 710 people / day (in terms of total traffic).

5. Resource development.

Website promotion brought its owner both new visitors and additional troubles. The site managers could not cope with the processing of calls, additional development of the online order form was required.

Форма онлайн заказа

6. The site is ready for high traffic.

While Ukraine is just waiting for Epiphany frosts, snow, thaw and ice, the site of ice drifts is always ready for sales and heavy loads during an increase in demand for goods.

7. Website with maximum conversion.

Of course, promotion is not the only way to increase sales. Even a simple and concise site can be more effective than a sophisticated, but ill-conceived online store. On the main page, you can also judge the resource as a whole. We pressed the gas pedal to the floor, and dispersed the usability of the business card site to the maximum "speed".

Сайт с максимальной конверсией

Customer comment: “If last winter, on cold days, there were 2-3 sales, then this year it is 25-30.”

This case once again confirms that it is necessary to think about the success of your own business in advance, especially if the product or service is a seasonal phenomenon. As the saying goes: "chickens are counted in the fall."

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