In 2016, a qualitative increase in website usability is expected

qualitative growth of usability

Only lazy people do not talk about the development of mobile technologies today. Indeed, the world is conquered by smartphones. Yes, at such a speed that it is already proposed to put up special signs at European pedestrian crossings: “Caution! Smartphone people!

Of course, our conversation will not be about signs. Let's talk about websites - how to improve usability for users of mobile gadgets. Provide high quality usability, attractive mobile design, and you will get a tangible competitive advantage, you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

Usability - user rating

Usability - user rating

What attracts people online? Of course, what is interesting. All information on the site is perceived visually. And, if the content deserves attention, you are guaranteed a high conversion: users themselves will repost pictures, photos, attracting even more potential customers to your resource.

The main components of success

It is worth highlighting 9 factors that affect usability:

  1. Fonts. Fonts All information should be easy to read from the smartphone screen.
  2. Full-screen positive images, large detailed backgrounds, pictures with small moving parts: everything that can grab and hold the user's attention.
  3. Convenient navigation. Convenient navigation The menu should be intuitive, and the navigation/search functions should be available on any page of the site.
  4. Card structure of the site: a very convenient visual arrangement of information. Here, a card is understood as information contained in a clearly defined block, where both a picture and text are presented.
  5. Responsive design is welcome: simplified color schemes, no heavy images, light and compact forms.
  6. Calls to action contrast with the monochrome background. Calls to Action It is also worth highlighting the main and explanatory headings, the feedback form.
  7. A strong call to action is best repeated several times on the page.
  8. Material design: focus on content. The interaction is clearly marked here, all unnecessary elements are excluded, and therefore such a design loads quickly.
  9. Parallax Scrolling. Parallax Scrolling Scrolling is rated by users as a more convenient tool compared to tapping.

Usability must necessarily adapt to mobile users. By customizing the site for smartphone owners, you can create effective communication bridges and establish many contacts. By using mobile trends, you demonstrate an understanding of customer needs.

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