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uvelichenie-poiskovogo-trafika Search engine optimization is mainly aimed at attracting visitors to the site from search engines. Website promotion just begins with determining the semantic core of the site, choosing key queries and creating pages on the site that are optimized for these key queries. The next step is promotion itself, the purpose of which is the entry of the corresponding page of the site into the TOP-10 search engine results for each of the selected keywords.

Suppose the optimizer successfully completed the tasks assigned to it and the resource took its rightful place in the top ten. What to do next? How to increase search traffic without big additional budgets? Let's look at the easiest way to increase website traffic through search engines.

First of all, you need to understand that transitions from search engines are generated not only by those key queries for which the site was promoted. There will definitely be a rather long tail of queries that the resource responds to and ranks for them in search engines. Therefore, it is worth analyzing and collecting these queries and investing some time and money in optimizing them.

Where to collect such data? First of all, you must remember to embed the Google Analytics , Yandex.Webmaster and Yandex.Metrics operators into the website code. In addition, a counter from LiveInternet can be a very useful tool for analyzing additional search phrases and referral sources. Naturally, we must have an account on each of these services, and it is necessary to integrate the site into these systems literally from the first steps of creating and developing the site .

It is now that you can conduct a detailed analysis of the site, identify interesting search queries for which the site has already achieved some success and, with minimal effort, consolidate the position, thereby increasing the traffic of the resource. Do not be afraid and do not be lazy to analyze all the data that can be collected using third-party services. Actually, the work of the optimizer is precisely to analyze the information and apply the information received to achieve the maximum SEO effect.

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