Individual approach in Kharkiv or how most web studios work


A Kharkiv citizen who is interested in creating a website needs to make a difficult choice - from the many studios working in the website building market, choose the contractor who will best complete the task. Difficulties in this case are associated primarily with the criteria for choosing a quality contractor. But we will write about this a little later, after we collect all the data on Kharkov web studios.

While we are ready to share other equally interesting information. It is a well-known fact that in the process of market competition, prices for goods and services are set, rules for working in the market are born. And for any company, it is important to review competitors, analyze their policies and prices.

We found volunteers who are interested in creating websites and who were ready to donate their personal time to meet with managers of Kharkov web studios and talk about creating and developing a website. From the whole variety of web studios, we selected those that we considered the most worthy competitors. And visited 6.

The results of this study were quite interesting. In 5 of the 6 studios that we managed to meet, an individual approach was named as the main competitive advantage. At the same time, in 3x the price of a business card site does not depend on its functionality and is announced immediately, in the other 3 web design studios, free CMS are used to create a site.

They also received us in different ways, only in the 1st studio they offered us a cup of coffee.

We saw the working environment in 4 studios, and the working environment is understood as the presence of equipped workplaces in the office, as well as the employees themselves. In 2 other studios - the manager came to the office at a strictly appointed time and the situation itself, by all external signs, was uninhabited. From which, we concluded that the office in this case is rented exclusively for meetings, and the development team itself is freelancers. Studio 1 even scared us - the meeting took place in a small room (about 5 m2) in the twilight, fortunately the table lamp was turned on. The manager (later turned out to be the director) talked about the individual approach and huge budgets that their company had to work with. And he was wearing a T-shirt.

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