Instagram customers for active purchases are a reality!


Online entrepreneurs are increasingly using social networks for active sales. And it is not surprising if Instagram will soon become the leader in terms of the number of goods sold. After all, this social network is growing at an incredible speed, and all subscribers here are active and solvent.

But, of course, people will not come to you on their own, because there are many offers. Therefore, you need to create attractive ads and properly target ads that allow you to get leads.

Targeted advertising can also be called targeted. It is initially configured in such a way as to be shown only to a certain circle of people. The choice is made in such a way that among those who see your ad, there is only the target audience - by gender, age, related interests, income, and so on.

Since Instagram is now owned by Facebook, the advertising account is also set up through Facebook. Here you will find the widest opportunities for setting up targeting for the target audience.

How to run ads on Instagram

To run ads on Instagram, use the mobile version of the site. After all, this is a mobile social network where 100% of visitors use smartphones. Therefore, the link from Instagram should lead to the mobile version of the site or to the landing page in an adaptive format.

Then you need to take care of the correct design of the page. Here's what should be on it:

  • a short video presenting your product;
  • photos showing all the benefits of your product;
  • active subscribers (for starters, even 400 people will be enough);
  • comments on photos showing audience engagement;
  • link to the site/landing;
  • the expiration date of the promotion, the deadline - after all, sales with a clear indication of the expiration date of the promotion are much better.

After the page is designed, you need to set up targeted advertising. They do it on Facebook, in the account at Keep in mind that Instagram analyzes leads automatically - you just need to specify what counts as a conversion for your page. In addition, if your ad is popular among users, it will be automatically redirected to all groups with similar targeting data. This provides powerful traffic to the site.

But to ensure it, you need to configure the Facebook pixel. It is the pixel that will read all the information about visitors and present it to you for analysis. Then you need to set up the conversion, specify its goals. After that, you need to choose the target audience. You can specify the parameters of age, gender, geographic location, related interests of the user to make the hit as accurate as possible. For example, titanium discs will be of interest to car enthusiasts, and rejuvenating masks to girls over 30. You need to carefully consider which of your Instagram visitors may be interested in your product. The success of an advertising campaign largely depends on the correct setting of the target audience.

After choosing the target audience, set the bar for the advertising budget. It is better to set a small budget, in the range of 200-400 rubles. Want to provide more coverage? You should not increase the budget for one ad, it is better to create several ads with small budgets so that they show consistently. Let Facebook choose the bid for 1,000 impressions: automatic settings allow you to show an ad 10,000 times for only 400 rubles.

When the budget is set, you need to correctly design the advertisement. Video content works better than photos, but professional catalog photos will bring you customers. Don’t forget about target texts as well: it’s better to write down the benefits in the ad as much as possible.

It is better to make several different ads and conduct split testing to assess which format users respond to the most. In the future, you can leave one ad or continue experimenting, and the sales process will start with maximum success.

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