Instead of Silverlight, Microsoft will use HTML5

Microsoft, which has been trying to bring Silverlight to the web for a long time, decided to spend less effort on this direction and focus more on HTML5 support.

Microsoft's president of the server business, Bob Muglia, recently confirmed that the company is undergoing a global reassessment, moving away from Silverlight development towards fuller support for HTML5.

Silverlight was one of the important Internet technologies for Microsoft, but the company decided that a more universal and cross-platform standard was needed, such as HTML5. Silverlight will still be usable on the Mac, and with a few tweaks on Linux, but the company wants to build on a more universal standard that can be used on the same iPad, iPhone, and for now, it's only possible for HTML5.

In principle, this is to be expected, especially after the company announced that Internet Explorer 9 will support all the latest features of HTML5.

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