Is SEO dying?


Cмерть SEO

The complex philosophical topic of life and death in the context of talking about SEO has not been discussed recently only by the lazy. We also decided to be in the trend, and identify several factors that affect the viability of modern SEO, as well as outline ways for its further development.

Who will die for real or rudimentary organs of SEO

SEO, like everything on planet Earth, evolves and develops, sweeping away everything unnecessary and outdated.

  1. Amateurs. SEO is mutating and turning into a three-headed dragon that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. We have been hearing prophecies about the sounds of a funeral march that are about to be heard over his lifeless body for more than a year. Google dreams of such an outcome and unleashes new “predators” on SEO: Panda, Penguin… Zebra will most likely be the logical continuation of this zoo. Yandex is also not far behind, cherishing and cherishing its SEO murder weapon - Kaliningrad. However, “liked” by search engines is not a guarantee of success, because SEO is becoming more intellectual. Hence the conclusion: only the strongest can ride the dragon.
  2. Freelance. The freelance market is 80% made up of promotion and support orders for small online stores. Many experts predict a significant decrease in the percentage of "free" SEOs precisely because of the complication of the principles of work and the emergence of new trends and features that are almost impossible for one person to follow.
  3. Low profile sites. We draw conclusions from all of the above. Who will be interested in a low-quality Internet project. Users? Absolutely not. The search engines, and even more so, will spit.
  4. Non-serious clients. And again, let's shake up our gray matter a little. All the benefits of the new skills of optimization experts require appropriate compensation, and a lot of it. Clients who dream of getting into the TOP “the easy way”, in two weeks and at no special cost, will have to change these dreams or abandon optimization forever.

Эволюция SEO

Natural selection and a little palmistry

So far, we can only guess how SEO will change, what factors will become fundamental in the work of SEOs and will pass natural selection. However, the real bison of Internet marketing have already managed to predict the main trends.

  1. Automation. The routine work processes of SEO specialists will become as automated as possible, which will switch their attention to working with the site.
  2. All for the people. Competent SEO specialists do not search engine optimization of the site, but “human”, but they still call it the old fashioned way. For the sake of organic stable traffic, they work on a comprehensive improvement of sites in terms of design, content, services and, above all, they think about people, not about robots. In addition, visitors become more targeted, and the issuance becomes personalized.
  3. Consulting. The market is heading towards business consulting. The emphasis is on analyzing the needs of the client and promoting not the company's website, but its business.
  4. Transition from positions to traffic. It will become more and more difficult for optimizers to work by positions, most of their clients will switch to traffic in the future.
  5. “Study, study and study again…” SEOs will have to devote more time to improving their skills and constantly improving their skills: conducting research, probing the features of new algorithms and constantly changing user search patterns.
  6. Friendship Abbreviations = SMO + SMM + SEO

Let's decipher:

  • SMO - social media optimization (website optimization for social networks);
  • SMM - social media marketing (marketing on social platforms);
  • SEO - well, you know.

Successful positioning in search engines is not only buying links and internal optimization, but also working with usability, behavioral factors and social networks. SMM services are becoming an integral part of promotion, as important as marketing and site optimization for social networks. There is also an opinion that one more word will be added to these words with “S” - SEM (search engine marketing). It is assumed that it is in this area that SEO specialists will soon cross over (or be reborn).

A light in the end of a tunnel

Deactualization of the old principles of work means one thing - the birth of a new life, a new, improved, analytical SEO. The ranking of sites is now influenced by a huge number of factors - these are not only external links and user behavior on the site, but also the usability of the resource, the percentage of its citation in social networks and, of course, high-quality, unique content.

The main thing in modern SEO is the development of an individual strategy for each individual project, taking into account all of the above points (an integrated approach). From now on, this field of activity is not only a tool for website promotion, but a combination of marketing, analytics, optimization and usability. Promotion becomes more complex and time-consuming, even monitoring in SEO becomes more complicated. SEO specialists will certainly not remain without work, rather, on the contrary, their work will become more complex, multitasking and in demand, and therefore highly paid. As long as search engines and targeted queries are alive, SEO will continue to live and flourish for many years to come.

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