Is your site working?

Эффективно ли работает ваш сайт

To answer the question "is the site working effectively" will help a set of tools for obtaining and analyzing site traffic data, called web analytics.

Web analytics professionals monitor and collect information about website traffic and user behavior on the website. Next, they analyze traffic sources, i.e. where the user came from - through a search engine or via a direct link, how long he was on the site, what he noticed and how the visit ended up - the target action or the user simply left the site. In other words, web analytics is the line that measures the effectiveness of the site.

High-quality analytics is necessary for any commercial Internet project. By analyzing the behavior of visitors, you can understand why they come to your site, which pages are interesting to users and, accordingly, profitable, and which are incomprehensible and make them leave your resource. Correct and high-quality analysis of the site will help to draw the right conclusions and make a decision about the further development of the Internet project. A competent analysis will allow you to see the problem areas of the site, determine the main indicators and see their changes, as well as explore the site's audience and identify patterns of visitor behavior.

Contextual advertising, complex promotion and optimization of the site will lead to the fact that visitors will come to your site, but whether they will be interested and how long they will stay on your resource depends on the correct study of web analytics.

We trust and use two powerful web analytics services: Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica.

Consider, for example, Yandex.Metrica. There are many tools here to help you get the information you need. This is a webvisor, thanks to which you can see what exactly the visitor is doing on your site, where he clicks and what he pays attention to - the service records all his actions and cursor movements, and later, you can see this information online. With the help of a click map, you can get information about what users are most interested in, what images users consider a link, and what information is left without attention.

In fact, anyone who has their own Internet resource can set the service counter and receive this data. But only a specialist can draw the right conclusions and find ways to optimize and improve website performance.

Our experts conducted a comprehensive study for one of the online stores of outerwear and shoes, which contacted us to increase the conversion of the site. The graph shows that the initial conversion rate tends to zero.


After the events, namely adding reviews to the product page, the conversion increased significantly and the site visitor finally began to order products, and not just leave the site.


Based on our experience, we can say that the competent use of web analytics tools and work on the site can increase sales by at least 30%.

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