Lidomagnet is a great way to increase your subscriber base

Lidomagnet is a great way to increase your subscriber base

When you walk into a new store that's opened in the mall next door, the salesperson will most likely hear you say, "I'll take a look." Sales, like relationships, are built on trust. You first evaluate the offer and the atmosphere with which it is presented, and only then make a purchase decision.

The same rule applies to the website. 98% of the visitors who came are only interested, evaluate, watch. But how to help a person come back to you? That's what a subscription is for. When you have the coordinates in the form of an e-mail, you can extend the relationship, offer something interesting and gradually lead to a purchase.

For a successful business, you need the “right” subscriber base. These are people who themselves agreed to receive mailings from you and will not send them to spam, because they are waiting for your letters, the information offered in them is interesting to them. But in order for the subscriber base to grow regularly, a lead magnet is needed. No, this is not a magic wand and not spammy "cheat" methods. Creating a high-quality and working lead magnet will require significant work and a lot of analytical actions from you. Let's start with a definition.

What is a lidomagnet?

What is called a lidomagnet

Lidomagnet is a way to significantly increase your subscriber base. But even every 2 "extra" subscribers daily will bring you 60 additional contacts per month, and this is additional profit that is completely useless to give to competitors.

So what is a lidomagnet? A free offer, a “bun” that you give visitors, something valuable - useful content, a closed promotion for subscribers, an opportunity to win a trip to Bali. and in return you get their email address. Even the possibility of winning is considered sufficient reason for visitors to work hard and enter their e-mail in the proposed field.

The more attractive the lead magnet, the more followers you will get. If you simply indicate the subject of the subscription, then this is a weak lead magnet. A strong one in which you announce a raffle for a trip to the moon or a new iPhone. You will have to completely and completely invent a lead magnet, taking into account the specifics of the business and the requirements of the target audience, because there are no ready-made solutions. But you can not promise everything and not always.

The main criteria for the success of a lidomagnet

The main criteria for the success of a lidomagnet

The most popular lead magnet is e-maid in exchange for a discount on the first order. You should clearly and clearly articulate the benefits that a subscriber receives in exchange for his e-mail. To make sure of the attractiveness, interview existing customers - what will be useful to them, what offers will cause positive emotions?

There are five steps. Go through them, and a high-quality and attractive lido magnet is ready. Here they are:

  1. Dear offer . Give the visitor the feeling that he is getting something unique, something that has a very high value. You do not have to make a ruinous offer for yourself, it is enough to come up with expensive packaging.
  2. Emotions . In a couple of sentences, you need to try to turn on the user's emotions to the maximum. Yes, I want, I want, I want! Approximately such feelings should be experienced by every visitor who sees your lead magnet.
  3. Analysis and Testing . The work of creating a lidomagnet is difficult. You will have to analyze a lot of options before you find the perfect one.
  4. Only real promises . Visitors who are deceived at the very beginning will definitely not return to you. Think about this before promising a helicopter to every subscriber.
  5. Evaluate the uniqueness of the idea - is it definitely the brightest proposal that you can think of? If not, you will have to go through all these five steps again.

Of course, you can use the first suggestion that comes to mind first, and then refine it. So, be sure to use the title: the user should immediately understand what is offered to him. Then evaluate the attractiveness of the lead magnet specifically for your target audience. First you need to emphasize the exclusivity of your offer, determine its value for the user. And only when trust is formed, start selling.

Back in 2005, one study determined that a user should receive 7 emails before making a purchase. But this is not always true - for each business, these numbers will be special. For a complex and expensive product, the trust building phase will be lengthy. If the client does not risk anything, that is, investments are minimal, then sales will go faster.

You can check the effectiveness of A / B testing. Analyze your progress by segmenting your target audience into groups.

So, Lidomagnet is something awesome. In exchange for a subscription, most often they offer for free: an e-book, a training video, audio lectures, mini-courses, discounts and the opportunity to participate in a drawing. Among the interesting lead magnets are also free shipping, a series of articles on how to use your product correctly and profitably (how to earn / lose weight / become famous with it), membership in a unique closed user group.

In fact, work on a lead magnet begins with a brainstorming session. Pick a few of the best ideas and analyze them for appeal to your client. Then run some lead magnets and do some A/B testing. If you haven't found a lead idea, go back to brainstorming. According to this simple scheme, you will certainly create your own lead magnet.

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