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Many users of the Opera browser, as well as those who switched from Opera to Firefox, who do not know about the Firefox extension system in general, or about its specific extensions, often experience inconvenience when working with the Firefox browser, preferring to work in Opera, citing the convenience of the Opera browser and the inconvenience of the browser Firefox. Really. Firefox in its basic configuration does not contain anything unusual, and the external interface of Firefox 3 resembles the interface of IE 7. Where are the conveniences and the possibility of personalization, or in simple terms - "features" without which users of the Opera browser no longer imagine convenient Internet surfing?


The Mozilla Firefox 3 browser, which set a world record for downloading the program within a day after the release, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records (the browser was downloaded 8002530 times in 24 hours), does not need advertising and promotion!

Opera >> Firefox

I want to please all Internet users of the Opera browser, Firefox, of course, has such "features"! Moreover, they are much more advanced, more perfect and even "cooler" than in the Opera browser and other modern browsers (Google-Chrome and Safari).
Firefox has in its arsenal more than 2 billion different add-ons that are not included in the basic package of the browser, but are not only free, but also free extensions, with GNU GPL2 licenses, which can be installed both conveniently and free of charge, and you can write the necessary yourself you add-on, as well as help the authors of existing add-ons to make them better. With add-ons, you can add new features to Firefox, add or modify foreign language dictionaries, add new search plugins, and change the look and feel of the browser.
Thus, Firefox allows the user to customize his favorite browser as he pleases. Among the 2 billion extensions, including the same type, you can get confused. But Firefox has a very convenient system for searching and installing extensions, divided into categories, in which you can relatively easily and quickly find the right add-on. But to make this task easier for you, I will share my additions and briefly talk about their capabilities.


  • Adblock Plus allows you to block content you don't need: ads, flash banners, pictures, dangerous sites that make both the browser and the user slower. To facilitate this operation, there are more than 40 filter lists for dozens of languages that will automatically set the Browser to block content, and you can also very conveniently manually hide any element of the site that you consider unnecessary.
  • Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper helps the Adblock Plus extension to hide text ads and makes it easier to manually hide content elements.
  • ColorfulTabs automatically colors each browser tab with a beautiful random color for easier and more enjoyable tab navigation.
  • FastestFox is similar to accelerators in IE, and also speeds up the process of selecting, pasting text, searching for a selection, and substituting search options when typing a URL or search query into the address bar.
  • Firebug makes the job of a website developer easier. (I will not describe it in detail, since ordinary Internet users do not need it)
  • FireGestures allows you to use some of the "features" of Opera, for example, switching to the previous and next pages by holding LMB or RMB and clicking on the opposite one (mouse control), and also allows you to quickly and easily control the browser using mouse gestures (for example, to refresh the page, it is enough to just hold down the RMB, move the mouse up, then down, and release the RMB), and also allows you to quickly visually select any arbitrary area of \u200b\u200bthe browser by holding the RMB or MMB.
  • Flagfox displays in the address bar the flag of the country where the site is hosted, and also allows you to quickly get information about it.
  • HighlightAll allows you to conveniently and quickly when selecting a word or phrase on the site, also select and highlight all other text on this site that matches the selected text. Very handy when searching.
  • InFormEnter is an analogue of forms in Opera, which allows you to quickly fill in the contents of the text fields of the form with your own in advance when registering on sites or filling out text form fields with your personal data registered personal data from the context menu.
  • Personas makes it easy and convenient to switch between different Firefox GUI skins (themes) using your Personas profile that you like and have preselected for future use.
  • The Speed Dial is similar to the express panel in Opera, allowing not only to create elements, but also to create groups of such elements displayed on the express panel in the form of tabs, each of which can be individually, detailed and easily configured. And also the express panel is duplicated in the bookmarks menu, in the form of the usual list of express panel bookmarks. And most importantly, you can save all express panel settings to a configuration file for backup and / or transfer of the express panel to another Firefox browser on which this add-on is installed.
  • Tab Scope allows you to hover over a tab to view the web page corresponding to that tab in the pop-up window that appears. It is also possible to adjust the size of this window, the delay time before the appearance of the first window and subsequent windows, hiding the window of the active tab, etc.
  • Undo Closed Tabs Button allows you to quickly restore an accidentally closed tab, as well as quickly and conveniently view the last 20 closed tabs, even after closing and restarting the browser. The number of remembered closed tabs, of course, can be changed.
  • UnMHT allows you to display and save web pages in a convenient MHT web archive supported by Opera and IE browsers. It is very convenient when you need to save the entire page with all the content (pictures, scripts, banners) in one convenient compressed file that can be viewed locally in the browser.
  • Web Developer is another tool that facilitates website development, through which, among other things, you can quickly change the display settings for scripts, images, and more, as well as check XHTML and / or CSS for W3 standards.
  • Xmarks allows you to easily, conveniently and securely synchronize bookmarks, search history, open tabs and passwords not only between other Firefox browsers, but also between Google-Chrome and Safari browsers. When synchronizing, you can not only merge this current browser data with server data, but also overwrite browser data with server data, and overwrite server data with browser data, as well as select one of the default actions and set up automatic synchronization. this is a very convenient and, simply, indispensable extension when using multiple browsers on multiple computers.

Search plugins

  • Google is a standard Google search plugin.
  • Google Linux is an advanced Google search plugin that handles GNU/linux related searches.
  • Wikipedia (rus, eng) is an advanced Google search plugin that searches for information among the Russian and English versions of Wikipedia.

Finally, I will add that Firefox is not only a reliable, feature-rich, thoughtful browser, but also a very convenient, beautiful and individual browser. Therefore, you can safely and without any inconvenience to users of other browsers, including Opera, switch to Firefox!

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