Male and female approach to online shopping. How to understand the difference and benefit from it


Men and women shop differently. This is easy to see in any supermarket: guys buy quickly and only what they need, while girls tend to make long choices and easily buy unnecessary things “because they are on sale”. In the case of online shopping, this trend continues. Let's talk about the behavior of online shoppers depending on gender and how to benefit from this and sell more.

How women buy

How women buy

The psychological archetype of a woman is a "collector", and in purchases it manifests itself as follows: inspiration - comparison - acquisition. That is why girls and ladies can walk around the mall for hours or look at goods in the catalog of an online store. What if the dress of your dreams is hiding around the corner? If a suitable thing is found, then the amount is practically irrelevant. Particularly attractive products are acquired spontaneously. Most of the colored handbags, scarves and nice trinkets for the home were bought “because I wanted to”, that is, until the moment the product caught my eye, there was no objective reason for buying it.

Women are happy to follow promotional offers and are receptive to marketing moves. So, almost 34% of women buy using discount coupons, and almost 80% initially choose a store that has a reputation as a site with the lowest prices. The presence of a discount increases the chance of a purchase by almost 20%. At the same time, the technical characteristics and information indicated in the product card are not so important. Almost 70% of women do not reach its study, focusing only on the visual image.

How men buy

How men buy

The psychological archetype of a man is a “hunter”, and his purchases are based on the principle “I came - I saw what I needed - I bought it, I left”. Most men make purchases consciously, not spontaneously. That is, they “go hunting” for some specific item, do not get distracted by stocks and buy quickly, with little or no comparison.

If for a woman the very process of choosing is a pleasure, then for a man this is an everyday task that needs to be solved as soon as possible. But men spend more money when ordering online. This can be explained by two reasons. The first is that most men's incomes are higher than "women's", and the second - the conversion of this category of buyers is almost 13% higher.

Men prefer to make purchases in large multi-category stores or marketplaces. Most often, they order clothes and shoes, computers and gadgets, vitamins, sports nutrition, auto parts and alcoholic drinks. In the case of women's purchases, there is no such clear division into categories, since it is girls who order things for the whole family.

Now that we have a basic understanding of behavior, it remains to decide how to put this knowledge to good use.

Tips for optimizing your online store for gender differences

optimization of an online store, taking into account the gender difference

To make the marketplace clearer and closer to men, add functionality to it:

  1. Simplify your search and allow you to search for exact keywords, work out the division into categories and add a block with recommendations.
  2. Provide the possibility of ordering in one click, reduce the number of lines to fill out when buying.
  3. Keep your catalog logical and simple, and don't forget personalized product recommendations based on user interests.

For women, emotions are more important. And don't forget about the tendency to impulsive purchases. It is worth implementing the following improvements:

  1. Social proof to demonstrate the popularity of the product. For example, you can add the “Purchased today” block to the product cards in the catalog. Such a counter will create the appearance of a limited number with increased demand, and customers will have a desire to have a "rare and popular thing." Also add reviews: recommendations from real buyers greatly simplify the choice and allow you to feel safe when shopping online.
  2. Take advantage of limited-time promotions. So the necessary impulsiveness, already characteristic of the fair sex, is “turned on”, and a feeling of a good deal is also formed. The limited-time offer additionally encourages you to make a purchase right now.
  3. Make a personal offer that is hard to refuse. Create blocks with personal recommendations based on user behavior and popular products in categories.

In newsletters, subscribers should also be segmented by gender. A personalized letter with a profitable offer to a man should be as specific and informative as possible, and for a woman it should be visual, triggering emotional triggers. Considering gender differences, you will be able to provide an individual approach to each subscriber and potential client, and thanks to this, increase your profits!

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