Management can ruin your business!


The idea to write about this came after visiting an exclusive stationery store located in the quiet center of the city. The windows of this store are filled with rare pens, business card holders, notebooks and other types of stationery, but the sellers are not friendly, busy with their own affairs, and they don’t care about interested buyers at all. Although, it would seem, what could be more important than selling a product?

The consequence of this is dissatisfied customers, which means that the reputation of the store has already been tarnished.

Be afraid of it! Bad management is ruining your business!

In order to avoid disgusting management it is necessary:

  • supervise the work of managers;
  • establish a reward system for those managers who make more sales;
  • conduct training seminars and trainings to improve the skills of salespeople;
  • order an audit of the sales service to obtain an independent assessment;
  • regularly review competitors in the market, analyze their advantages, adjust your strategy.

Our company has several rules for managers:

  • Always be friendly and welcoming to the customer.
  • Always look good.
  • Be technically literate in the field of creating websites.
  • Be able to listen and hear the client. Don't interrupt him.
  • Do not make promises if you are not sure of their fulfillment.
  • Answer all incoming phone calls and email inquiries.
  • Contact the client within 24 hours after the email request or application for the development of the site.
  • Make every effort to ensure that the project is completed efficiently and on time.
  • Know at any time at what stage the project is and what exactly is being done by each project participant at a given time.
  • Plan projects crossing the grid of customer expectations (for example, the site should be ready by such and such a date) with the grid of project participants' capabilities (for example, a programmer is absent on such and such a date, a designer is on vacation, etc.).
  • Sign design layouts for customers.
  • Receive written confirmation of approval of design layouts.
  • Continuously monitor the progress of projects.
  • Be able to assess risks, work out various options for the expiration of cases, having thought through possible solutions in advance.
  • Be able to make decisions, remembering that the best decisions are simple decisions.
  • Always remember that the manager is the face of the company!

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