Marketing is everywhere!


REWork "Marketing is not a department," the founders of 37Signals argue in their book REWORK. Marketing is everything that happens in your organization :

  • the way you greet a customer on the phone is marketing;
  • how quickly you answer phone calls and emails is marketing;
  • the way your email and commercial offer is framed is marketing;
  • every word in your presentation, no matter in what form it is provided - electronically, on paper or verbally - it's all marketing;
  • offering coffee or tea to a client - marketing;
  • pen, booklet, notebook as a gift - marketing;
  • your slogan, your website, your logo, your every word is your marketing.

Let's look at an example of how important marketing is. We recently submitted a request for advertising terms and conditions to 3 different glossy magazines. Next, let's pay attention to the answers of the journals in electronic form, because. this is what we agreed with the manager of each magazine. Let's see what we got in return.

In the first case, we received in response a picture with a layout of advertising materials on the pages of the magazine and their cost. Accessible and simple.

In the second case, we received an xls file with a textual description of accommodation options and their cost. Agree, in this case, the visualization of the proposal is difficult - you yourself have to imagine what the upper block of 5 * 8 cm is and correlate it with the magazine.

In the third case, we received a detailed presentation of the magazine in pdf format. The presentation contained everything - the audience and circulation of the magazine, competitive advantages, schemes and sizes of advertising space, technical requirements for advertising layouts, as well as the deadlines for their submission. And most importantly - the presentation was well designed, not cluttered with information, in general, the design was 5!

Of course, the third magazine made the greatest impression on us with its presentation. So, ceteris paribus, the winner is the company whose offer is most advantageously designed - in style, with facts and figures, with detailed information!

разработка фирменного стиля This proves that an important component of marketing is the corporate identity of the company or identity . After all, the task of identity is to distinguish the company among similar ones and create a recognizable, unique image in the eyes of consumers.

Therefore, do not skimp on the identity!

Perhaps your product is not bought just because you have an unsuccessful packaging design?

Are people not buying your service just because your presentation doesn't look convincing?

Or just because you don't have a corporate identity ?


And in the following articles, we will project marketing in life onto marketing on the Internet and tell you about Internet marketing.

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