Mobile applications as an investment in the development of online business


What does it take to promote a business? First of all, interesting offers, harmoniously composed advertising and a platform for its promotion. If we are talking about a small residential area, then one beautiful sign is enough for customers to reach out to you. What about online promotion? Here, design alone is not enough, because users evaluate both functionality and convenience. But there is also a price, and other benefits.

Most likely, you already have a website and you are seriously engaged in its promotion. And they even adapted the resource for mobile devices so that a real user can access it at any time from a smartphone or tablet. But in a rapidly changing high-tech environment, this is not enough. After all, it is important for you not only to ensure the presence of your business on the Internet, but also to interest the user, to form a certain image in their eyes. There is a great way to do this and also get new visitors and buyers. And that's app development.

Why does your website need a mobile app?

Access to the site through the application can be provided for any resource, whether it is an information portal or a pure salesperson. Developing and launching “your” app is a great way to keep your business up to date in an era of the growing popularity of smartphones and mobile gadgets. Yes, it's still a new format for promotion now, but it's always nicer to be among the first, right?

Why are mobile apps good? Here is a list of their main features:

  1. Comfort. No search difficulties or long loading times. I went, saw, bought - everyone wins when the purchase occurs according to such a simple and quick scenario, and the buyer (the owner of the smartphone, who is most likely in a hurry somewhere), and you as the owner of the business.
  2. Quick access regardless of time of day and location. That is why smartphones are popular.
  3. Awareness. You will learn more about your customers if they log in through the application, which means you can prepare personal “goodies” for them.
  4. Extensive advertising opportunities. You can really give your customers more interesting product details and profitable promotions.

There is only one question left to solve: how to switch visitors to use the application? Usually, classic “financial leverage” is used for this case. Offer a 5% discount for in-app purchases and track the influx of new customers. It is clear that this is only the simplest of the profitable offers. In fact, there are other virtuoso ways to attract customers.

Also, don't forget to add an offline mode to the application so that all data remains up-to-date even in the uncovered area. And of course, ensure that you link to social networks so that your profitable offers can be shared.

What operating system should the application be developed for? If you know exactly what your customers want, follow them. If you want to get the greatest market coverage, develop for both Android and iOS. Keep in mind that the apps will need to be updated all the time, but the revenue growth and visibility of your business is definitely worth it.

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