Mobile applications for business: to be or not to be?


Мобильные приложения для бизнеса

Mobile application is a progressive method of business promotion. Its main advantage is that it is literally at hand for a potential client, so it is becoming easier for brands to advertise their products and services. However, mobile applications are not suitable for every business. Who exactly are they suitable for? What are there? About everything in order.

"Why do you need an app? “Everyone has it, and we need it”

Alas, but this is a very common opinion, which is sad. When Foursquare first appeared on the domestic market, many companies wanted to create their representative office there. Why, they couldn't really explain. A similar situation is developing with mobile applications: they are not suitable for every business according to their pocket and tasks.

Who mobile applications are almost perfect for:

  • online store: an additional sales channel, constant access of users to the store's offers, growth in the customer base and income;

The application of the online store "Rozetka" приложение розетка

  • cafe, restaurant, food delivery service: better service, more comfort for customers - more sales for the company;

Application of the Japanese restaurant "Tanuki" приложение Тануки

  • taxi services: determining the location of the user and taxi cars that are nearby;

Application "Yandex Taxi" приложение яндекс такси

Look around: each of us has at least one gadget. We are almost inseparable from the mobile phone. There are optimal conditions for a business dialogue with the target audience, because you can constantly remind yourself, increase the demand for the product and simply cultivate customer loyalty. Therefore, the primary task is to get into the user's gadget. Or better yet, all at the same time. Currently, the most common smartphones run on operating systems such as Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone. Thus, attention should be focused on the development of applications for the Play Market, App Store, Windows Phone Store.

Generally speaking, mobile applications serve several purposes: to simplify business processes within the company and to provide customers with additional opportunities.

Mobile applications for clients:

  • additional platform for the sale of services, goods: buying tickets, booking tables, managing bank accounts;
  • stimulating customer loyalty: a mobile application as a regular customer card, accumulation of bonuses, personal account, personal discounts. For example, an IMAX cinema application offers a client its own bonus system

IMAX cinema application приложение imax

Know your target audience in person

Successful application development is preceded by a thorough study and analysis of its target audience. Determine what age category your potential customers belong to, as well as mobile devices on which platforms they prefer. Perhaps the mobile application you have in mind will be completely irrelevant to your target audience. Therefore, the use of budget and time will have to be more appropriate.

The client needs your mobile application to quickly solve his problems. If he needs to order a pizza right now, give him the opportunity. Let the discount serve as an additional incentive to order.

If the user has not yet decided whether he needs to order a pizza, push him to do so: send push notifications at lunchtime or in the evening. Only it should not be advertising, but the most unobtrusive offer to eat in comfort. мобильные приложения кому подойдет

Before developing a mobile application:

  1. Find out if your customers need this application, whether they experience inconvenience when interacting with your company, what they would like to improve in the business process;
  2. Think about what business performance can be improved with it, as well as what benefits this application brings to customers. Is there any disagreement between these points?
  3. Chat with experts: how relevant is your idea to create an application? Are there any analogues? How difficult is it to create a mobile application and what are the prospects for its development / payback.

Let everything work out!

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