Native advertising in display format: increase CTR like magic


Display native advertising is certain informative blocks of the site that carry an advertising load. You see the block and perceive it as ordinary information, news, recommendation - it does not cause "advertising rejection". Perhaps (and even most likely) you want to share what you see with your friends. This is because such advertising is built on trust, it is not annoying at all. And ¾ of all users prefer this particular format, and not "buy from us, only today and only now."
In order for the native to work, it must fit the content of the site like red caviar to a holiday sandwich. No rejection! This means that the entire ad block is assembled as a beautiful puzzle, piece by piece: first, a text block, followed by an attention-grabbing picture, and then a catchy headline. All together and creates native advertising - the one to which users will respond, the one whose click-through rate will reach unprecedented heights. The correct selection of puzzle pieces will help increase CTR by 10-15 times.

The value of advertising: how to get attention

Each advertising message is information in the user's news feed. It should catch, stop attention. And the competitors will be more than serious - from reviews of new gadgets to news about the next rise in electricity prices. Of course, the user will choose what is important to him. The task of an advertising specialist is to create a block with useful information, to provide the client with a sense of benefit “here and now”. At the same time, the submission format should be precisely news, advisory.

You can shout as much as you like that the store has the cheapest original iPhones. But the headline with the price, sale terms and discount amount in % will not attract the reader. After all, this is not interesting: such ads appear on the network almost every second. So, do not forget: the main thing is interest.

And the interest lies in the benefit for the reader: speak to him in an understandable language, offer “human” benefits and be sure that a correctly composed native ad will definitely take the visitor from the news feed to your store.

Practical recommendations

There is one question. Keep it always in mind when compiling an ad, and the result will be excellent. It's a "so what?" question. For example: we have a new iPhone - so what? - he will help to win the trust of all the pretty classmates.

Here are a few tips for choosing ad units and elements that will turn regular ads into native ads:

  1. Photo . Use an image that is emotional, understandable, beautiful. It is better if it is associated with the desires of the target audience. And it's better if there is a person in the picture. Anonymous photos are of less interest. By the way, according to statistics, 80% more users choose pictures with people. And this is another 8 people out of 10 who will come to see what you have interesting. And yes, people must be alive. The white-toothed heroes of American advertising repel rather than attract.
  2. Headings . Let a person see the solution to their problem in the title itself. Emotions associated with a wish come true will also be a good choice. In the title - understandable "ordinary" words, the maximum simplicity of expression. No confusing enumerations and abstruse tricks. Click-through rates are 2-3 times higher for headlines-lists (10 best energy drinks), questions (How to relax in Goa for free? Or Where to get money for a BMW X5?), news (Real Italian marble is now available to residents of Khrushchev)
  3. The text itself. It doesn't have to be template. Try to write down the benefits for the user.
  4. "Magic" words . No neuromarketing, just a few "bonuses" and "promotions". Use these words - they attract user clicks like magnets.

Just do not forget that there are no template solutions in advertising, and even more so in native ones. Experiment, feel your target audience and get well-deserved clients!

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