New Google record

In September 2010, Google's share of global Internet traffic rose to 6.4%, which can be considered a record value. There was only one provider that Google could not bypass. In January, the company had 5% of global traffic. With the Internet growing by 40-45%, their total traffic increased by about 80% in just nine months. It is noteworthy that at the same time, the company's infrastructure, with a huge influx of visitors, works almost without failures. Information obtained from measurements on 110+ISP routers around the world, which feed data into the ATLAS system (a huge Internet monitoring system). The statistics did not take into account traffic deliveries under peer-to-peer agreements with lower-level ISPs. If we take into account the use of Google Global Cache, then according to Arbor Networks experts, Google's share is about 8-12%. Google has already entered into agreements with 70% of all global providers (a year ago - with 60%). Only a few operators have not installed servers with Google cache. These are Tier 1 and some national (due to government restrictions). It's safe to say that Google already controls a significant portion of the Internet and is heavily infiltrating the network infrastructure.

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