Newsletter in Viber: we prepare and carry out according to the rules


How to increase the flow of leads to your landing page, landing page or website? Of course, you should use the mailing list. And any messenger is suitable for mailing, including Viber. That's just before conducting a mass mailing of letters through Viber, it would be nice to learn about the basic rules of "informing" through it. Otherwise, you can permanently lose your number due to spam blocking.

Features of SMS mailing

Of course, you will need to come up with some creative copy and style your message in some way so that the audience is in a position to interact and be interested in your offer.

However, take into account the fight against spam. If your number is marked as sending spam, then you will lose it forever, without the possibility of recovery. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the numbers that you use for personal communication.

By means of mailing in Viber, you will not be able to offer new informational longreads, but you will be able to promptly inform the audience about ongoing promotions and planned discounts.

Why use Viber to promote your business? Here are the main reasons:

  • the number of active Viber users is several million, almost as many as smartphone users. And this number is constantly growing. That is, you get an excellent bulk base of potential customers;
  • in the near future, Viber will combine the functionality of a private messenger and a public content platform, which will only benefit your business;
  • you can set up thematic mailings, giving the public exactly the information they are looking for;
  • sending messages is absolutely free, so this is a great way to save money for your business;
  • the duration of text messages is not limited, so you can post any information you need;
  • the mailing list can contain not only text, but also media files, which are especially well received if the mailing list is received by already warmed-up clients;
  • this way of attracting customers is especially good for youth brands that want to be in touch all the time.

Although you still have to take into account that officially Viber mailings are prohibited. But this platform has one big plus - grandiose plans for the future. The sooner you start interacting with her as a marketing specialist, the more return you can get compared to competitors.

How to organize a Viber mailing list

It is advisable to send mailings only to a limited number of numbers. And it's better if you know exactly what your potential customers are. After that, you will need to install the software, as well as register another number in the messenger, not the one you use for personal purposes. It remains only to come up with a reason for sending and prepare an advertising message. Do not forget that the message should contain an active link to your site in the mobile version or landing page, landing page. Send well-researched messages and receive new requests - that's how it works!

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