Online advertising vs. offline - the battle for profit


Реклама онлайн и офлайн – битва за прибыль

A sharp decline in sales and economic instability is a grateful time to look for alternative marketing moves and advertising strategies. Having rethought past mistakes and merits, it is necessary to move forward, search and compare. Let's talk about the title of "The main driving force of sales." Two heavyweights will meet in a fair fight for the right to possess this title: online and offline advertising. Details and results of the battle below.

Challenger #1 – offline advertising

"Fighter in the Red Corner" has a number of advantages, because he has many years of experience and skillfully honed techniques on his side. By sources of offline advertising we mean:

  • radio;
  • TV;
  • billboards.

Such habitual, native and cozy advertising has also carefully concealed shortcomings. First of all - the price. We will immediately stipulate that the examples below show the real prices for advertising in Kharkov and the region.

  1. Radio advertising . You can achieve the desired and tangible effect after a month with a rotation of at least 8 times a day. To calculate the budget for 30 days, let's take as an example a video with a timing of 15 seconds, which will be released in prime time. Depending on the radio station, we get frightening amounts from 32,000 to 109,000 UAH.
  2. TV advertising . "The main decoration of the festive table", according to the postman Pechkin, broadcasts promotional videos in almost all corners of the world. We will not cover such scales, since even on all-Ukrainian TV channels (STB, 1 + 1, Inter) the cost of one display of advertising in prime time is estimated at six and even seven figures, we will limit ourselves to our hometown (Simon, A / TVK, Favorit, Fora, Channel 7). Rotation of a twenty-second video 4 times a day for a month on one of the Kharkiv TV channels will cost 37,000 UAH.
  3. Street advertising . The cost of showing a video on a LED screen is 2000 UAH per month, renting one side of the citylight for the same period will cost 2200 UAH. The price of placing information on a huge billboard varies depending on the term and location. The price range of an effective advertising campaign starts at UAH 10,000.

It should be noted that the audience of television channels and radio stations cannot be clearly measured. In this case, it is very difficult to predict the effectiveness of a future campaign, unlike online advertising, where detailed information about the size of the audience is presented on public sites.

The second vulnerability of offline advertising is the target audience unprepared to perceive information about a product or service. At the time of acquaintance with the proposed products on the radio or TV, a potential client may not be interested in purchasing it.

Offline is designed for everyone and everyone and works more for the long term than for instant results. Due to the constant mention in the media of a particular product and brand, an associative link is formed. Entering the supermarket, the consumer may remember a funny video with a sonorous slogan and buy the same pasta from the advertisement. At the same time, he is unlikely to take off his fluffy robe, instantly respond to information about the product, and immediately make a purchase.

Challenger #2 - Online Advertising

"In the blue corner of the ring" is already ready to rush into battle a young and promising rival of offline advertising. The internet is dominated by:

  1. search engine SEO optimization;
  2. advertising in social networks;
  3. contextual advertising;
  4. media advertising.

The main advantage of a young, but already quite strong “fighter” is accuracy. Messages about the sale of a product or service are shown to a target audience that is sufficiently aware and interested. On the net - whoever searches, he will not only always find, but also already approximately knows what he needs. This is the cardinal difference between online advertising: there is no need to explain in detail to the consumer what the proposed product is suitable for, you can put the question point-blank.

The second advantage is the price. Online advertising is ten times cheaper than offline advertising. The minimum price of an effective online advertising campaign is 1500 UAH.

Принцип действия интернет-рекламы

Otherwise, the Internet plays by the same rules as offline advertising: no one cancels the competition, "goodies" and "bonuses" that need to attract a client.

High traffic is guaranteed to bring the target audience to the site, and a well-designed resource converts visitors' actions into leads:

  • online orders;
  • calls;
  • meetings.

The function of online advertising at this stage is considered completed, and customer services enter the battle. Further metamorphoses occur due to high-quality service, only after timely processing of orders, visitors turn into customers, and high conversion into profit.

The so-called “advertising blindness” cannot be ignored either. Users have learned to ignore the “great offers”, “promotions” and “discounts” flashing before their eyes, not only in advertising in the old fashioned way, but also on the Internet. Therefore, only an advertising campaign with a carefully thought-out strategy can be effective and efficient.

The main source of stable sales is constant online advertising and offline seasonal or occasional advertising campaigns. Television, radio and billboards will work to create and maintain a positive brand image, while the Internet will provide the company with orders and profits.

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