Online sales and principles for improving their effectiveness


If there is one grocery store in your neighborhood, then you don’t need to advertise it - people simply have nowhere else to go. But on the web, this rule does not work. There are many sites, and a potential client would rather spend more time choosing a suitable resource than making a purchase on the first click in an ad unit.

Offline outlets often use the basic principles of increasing loyalty and experiment with them in every possible way. Surely in your wallet there is at least one discount card from the supermarket. But in the network about these principles are forgotten. An online store also needs to communicate with customers and retain them. No magic spells are needed for this - follow simple rules, and sales growth will not be long in coming.

The main ways to increase loyalty

To increase sales on the Internet, use the following methods:

  1. CTA or call to action . First, check for the presence of this button on the page. It helps the client to do what is required: fill out an application, order a call back, buy or register. When filling out the form, everything should be as simple as possible - number, name, email address. After all, if the client stays with you, you will still have enough opportunities to find out his favorite color or cat's name.
  2. Thanks for the order . After completing the order, the minimum that the customer should see is “Your order has been placed. The manager will contact you. Thanks". But duty gratitude is not always good. After all, you have an entire page to influence the customer's choice, so why not use it? Sometimes very creative phrases like “Our manager is already dancing the lezginka for joy are placed on the gratitude page. Now he will calm down and call you back. However, it's up to you. By the way, a block with recommendations is often placed on this page so that the client can share a link to your store on the social network. Or place here all the necessary contact information, tell us about current promotions, mention interesting news.
  3. Pop-up window with offers . If it appears immediately, as soon as the visitor enters the page, it will only cause irritation. If it appears after 20 seconds, when the user is already relatively “accustomed” to the site, it can be useful. Most often, these blocks show notifications about discounts, signup bonuses, and similar offers. Do not forget - the call in this block must be reasoned, with a mandatory explanation of the benefits for the client.
  4. Order status alerts . Make sure that the system recognizes each user and addresses him personally. For most users, this approach subconsciously means "I am remembered here." Accordingly, the loyalty of visitors increases, because they enter into a dialogue with you.
  5. Loyalty program . This is a must have for every online store! The Pareto principle works in this area as well. Accordingly, here he says - 20% of all customers are your regular customers, and they bring 80% of the profit to your store. In addition, experienced Internet marketers know that it is always more expensive to attract a new client and “warm up” him. But regular customers gradually make purchases for ever larger amounts and become brand advocates, recommending your store to their friends. The easiest way to organize a loyalty program is discounts or bonus points for each purchase. In any case, its essence remains the same: the more you spend, the cheaper each purchase costs you. Yes, a well-thought-out loyalty program is the best way to build long-term relationships.
  6. Recommendations . The value of a customer is measured by the size of the check. Product recommendations are a great way to tell the customer what else to spend their money on.
  7. Cart . Don't forget that "put the product in the cart" is only part of the journey, because the order has not yet been placed and paid. A convenient shopping cart includes not only the selected product, but also a button for registering, blocks with especially advantageous related offers, and so on.

Remember that the main thing in sales is not placing an order in itself. It is important that people come back to you and do it with pleasure. These simple recommendations will help you attract new customers and keep old ones. This means that the profit of the online store is guaranteed to increase!

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