Opening a site or Best friend - optimizer!

Открытие сайта или Лучший друг – оптимизатор! Having made the final decision that you need a website, it is worth considering in advance many of the nuances of its creation. However, the main mistake that can be made is the development of the site by some specialists, and the optimization of the resource by others. It is possible that two separate teams of webmasters and SEOs could find a common language and interact effectively, but on the condition that they work at the same time. Nevertheless, in life, everything often happens something like this: first , they develop and set up a site , and only then they start thinking about how to promote it in search engines .

In fact, you should do exactly the opposite. First of all, you need to consult with those who will promote the site in search engines. With their help you will be able to:
  • find search queries that will become a supplier of site visitors in the future;
  • choose the right domain , and not just what you like;
  • decide on the structure of the site , which you will order from designers;
  • and in the end, you will be able to make the right order for those who will make the site.
In our practice, there were many examples of customers coming to us with their own ready-made website . Such sites could already be a year old or more, but traffic remained at the “zero” level. And the problem here is not that the resource was made not qualitatively and not beautifully. The thing is, developers and designers were not at all shy about doing everything in the way that was convenient for them. If they had a clear task and optimizer recommendations , the result would be completely different.

Based on the foregoing, we strongly recommend that you start launching your site with the advice of your personal optimizer. Well, the ideal scheme could be cooperation with a team that offers a full range of services for creating a site and promoting it online . Without false modesty, we can say that " WebAkula " just creates perfectly adapted sites to get the maximum effect from your Internet resource.

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