✦Optimization✦ of the site using a tambourine


Оптимизация сайта с помощью бубна

As everyone already knows, SEO is a peculiar and unpredictable thing, there is no universal "recipe" for successful promotion. Therefore, the main criterion for a good SEO specialist is his experience. But even a successful SEO specialist has sites that under no circumstances climb into the TOP.

So, in this article we decided to describe a great way to raise the site, namely "Optimization using a tambourine".

Tambourine as an instrument

Бубен как инструмент

Optimization in this way requires a careful approach, for example, a leather tambourine is very effective for e-commerce sites, while a tambourine is well suited for sites selling galoshes and earthworms.

In addition, some tambourines, the same Yakut, have healing properties. By promoting your site with such a tool, you can simultaneously cure conjunctivitis or spinal cord.

Classification of tambourines

In general, there are two types of tambourines: ordinary tambourines and tambourines.

Ordinary tambourines are divided into more than 9000 models, we will single out the main ones:

Пандей.ру Pandey.ru is a South American musical instrument, indispensable for optimizing sites for Yandex. And only in Moscow and the region. There is an opinion that "plastic windows Moscow" is displayed only with the help of this unpretentious attribute.

Боуран Bowran or boran, or bauran, or boiran is the Irish national percussion instrument. Due to the vagueness of the name, one can guess that this tambourine is necessary to promote synonymous queries. It is bad because you need to purchase sticks separately, without them the action of the tambourine tends to zero and can lead to AGSu-40 and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Шаманский бубен The shaman tambourine is a "cheating" instrument, but not everyone can do it. Rumor has it that it is thanks to him that links from directories become working, in Dmoz and Yandex directory the site appears within two hours, and <meta name="keywords"> are taken into account when ranking! However, you can get carried away and “re-optimize” the site, which will entail forever being in the top even of the 404 error page.

Тамбурин There is no special use for tambourine in SEO, although after trying the previous models (with the exception of the shamanic one), you can also turn to it. It is convenient in that you can simply place this tool on your leg, respectively, this allows you to use all the limbs when moving.

Well, here we have made a small overview of this entertaining attribute of search marketing. Now let's move on to the cases:

Construction site

Сайт строительной тематики

Website for the sale of spare parts for cars

Сайт по продаже запчастей для автомобилей

As we can see on the charts, the tambourine is a "drug" for the site, so be very careful.

We hope we have helped you. If you undertake the promotion of the resource yourself, then be prepared to constantly use non-standard approaches.

PS This article is written for laughs and is for entertainment purposes only.

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