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Creation and support of the site , its promotion are three inseparable types of work necessary to create an effective, interesting, profitable project on the Internet. In order for the resource to fulfill the tasks assigned to it, it is important to ensure its uninterrupted operation in a timely manner, fill it with relevant materials, refine the functionality over time, and improve the design.

Site support is a complex of technical, informational, marketing services.

Website technical support
The creation and technical support of the site are concepts that cannot exist without each other. Technical support is a set of services aimed at maintaining the stable performance of the site. This is the selection and provision of hosting, registration and support of domains, technical audit of the site, as well as design, creation of new web projects and much more.

Information support
Timely updating of information on the site is an important condition for its successful functioning. Information support includes the following services: tracking the relevance of materials, writing and posting news, press releases, price lists, photos, which will make the resource more interesting and useful for visitors. In addition, information support is aimed at managing interactive subsystems (forums, FAQ sections, etc.). It is worth noting that the updated, in-demand resource occupies high positions in the search engine results, which means it provides an influx of new visitors.

Website design support
Design support includes such services as: redesign of the site, design of new sections of the system, development of graphic elements for the site (banners, illustrations, diagrams, drawings).

Website development services
Formation of a new site concept, development of new functional subsystems, creation of sites or promo pages for the period of the promotion, suggestions for improving the resource - this is only a small part of the possible services for the development of the website.

Creation and support of the site , like any other complex work, requires the participation of highly qualified specialists. When entrusting the work to professionals, you can not worry that updating information and other work on the site will be carried out promptly, in a timely manner by competent specialists. And all potential or emerging problems with the resource will be guaranteed to be eliminated. In addition, professional companies bear financial and legal guarantees for the work performed.

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