Preparing the site for promotion at the development stage


Подготовка сайта к раскрутке на этапе разработки

Did you know that 75% of the time users don't go to the second page of the search results? At the same time, 570 websites are created every second in the world. In a tough competitive confrontation, "armed" resources win better than others. To reach the top - all means are good. However, one of the simplest, most fundamental ways is often neglected. We hint at the initial development of the resource for the needs of SEO .

Tactics to Capture the Favor of Search Engines Before You Create a Website

  • Pick up a semantic core in order to think over the structure of the resource in advance.
  • Include an important thematic word from the selected core in the name of the registered domain and determine the type of address: with or without www.
  • Select redirect extensions for the main page: index.html, index.php, etc.
  • Take care of reliable regional hosting.

Implementation of the SEO charter during website development

Directly at the stage of manufacturing the design and functionality of the site, it is necessary to unquestioningly follow a simple set of rules.

  1. resource structure . Bots scan the file hierarchy, sitemap and page components, determining the quality of work and the logic of link interaction. Convenient for robots - convenient for ordinary people. An automatically updated sitemap in xml format will definitely help them please. Search engines are more willing to let resources without isolated pages into the top. Their whim is fully justified. Any page should have "retreat routes" to other sections of the site, but at the same time, you must follow the rule - no more than 100 internal links on each of them. Структура сайта
  2. Navigation . For SEO, behavioral factors are important, and for an effective site, compliance with the basics of usability. Clear, fast and convenient navigation, achieving the search goal in a minimum of clicks will provide the resource with satisfied users. Search engines and users will undoubtedly conquer:
    • well-implemented site topology: any page is available in two clicks, and important landing pages are in one click from the main one;
    • integration of "breadcrumb" technology in all sections;
    • an effective 404 page or an alternative, less acceptable option - a redirect to the main one.

    Навигация по сайту

  3. Meta tags. In the admin panel of the site, fields must be provided for filling in the title, keywords and description. For online stores with a large assortment of goods, it will not be superfluous to provide for automatic generation of metadata.
  4. Information content. News, articles, useful information, questions and answers - not all of this should be on the site, but at least one such section is required. Content marketing plays an important role in the further promotion of the resource, so the section must be regularly updated with relevant, interesting information. You can't ignore the obligatory rule for any site that wants to "become a general": the ability to add text of at least 2000 characters to the main page. Разделы сайта с информационным контентом
  5. Speed. Chic modern design is good, but instead of an advantage, it can turn into a disadvantage. 40% of users prefer not to wait more than 3 seconds for a resource to load. Do you need a fancy design in this case if no one sees it?

    Keep a balance between the visual and technical component. Caching, JavaScript code compaction and image optimization help to increase the site loading speed. You can check the performance of the resource using the convenient Google PageSpeed Insights service, which determines the site loading speed, its problems and ease of use on mobile devices.

    Other technical points will also help to optimize the work of the site, as well as gain the trust of search engines:

    • the size of the html code of each page is no more than 100-200 kilobytes (without images);
    • html-code without garbage, as much as possible placed in cascading styles, with the encoding used and rel=canonical specified;
    • lack of frames and important content on flash;
    • maximum code validation in accordance with standards.

    Скорость загрузки сайта

  6. Images. Everything is simple here: the minimum weight, the ability to prescribe alt and title, the name of the files is in transliteration. Lots of images - slow site loading speed, so pagination is preferred for image directories.
  7. Pure SEO stuff. Search engines have their quirks, which simply need to be unconditionally catered to. For example, the CNC of all pages of the resource, as well as the use of


    only for text, not for logo or menu.

"Baptism of fire" fresh resource

After fulfilling all of the above requirements, armed with a fashionable design and modern high-speed functionality of mass destruction, the newbie site is ready for a duel with competitors. However, for greater confidence and protection of the rear, some precautions must be observed:

  • to close from indexing or not to implement duplicates of the site menu at all;
  • prepare a resource for socialization with Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, add the ability to "plus" the page on Google+;
  • in no case SHOULD be added for indexing to search engines and allow robots to access an unfinished and unprepared site;
  • close server logs, admin panel, duplicates, dynamically created pages with search, etc. from indexing.

Preliminary preparation will greatly simplify the optimization and promotion of the resource, as well as significantly reduce the cost of promotion in the future. Take care of promotion even at the stage of compiling the technical requirements of the site, remember about SEO at all stages of creating a site, and then a newcomer to the ranks of competitors will be able to win not only the battle, but also the war for a place in the top.

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