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To develop your own business online, it is not enough just to create a website and wait for buyers. They must be sought. It takes a lot of time and money to attract customers. At the initial stage, it is enough to optimize the site for the requirements of search engines, launch contextual advertising, and place your product offers on price aggregators. Let's take a closer look at the latter.

What is a price aggregator?

Price or price aggregator is an advertising platform that performs several functions at once:

  • collects price lists of many online stores in one place;
  • processes the collected price lists and offers them to customers in a form convenient for comparison and final selection.

As a rule, price aggregators are used by the audience that is at the final stage of the purchase. Such users have already decided on the technical and other characteristics of the product they are looking for, they intend to buy it "here and now", but they are interested in the most favorable price offer from sellers. When a buyer finds a product at a suitable price on a price aggregator, he goes to the seller's website and makes a purchase there.

plus and minus

Advantages of a price aggregator for an online store:

  • price aggregator pages are visited by the most interested users. They intend to buy a particular product, they want to make a purchase as soon as possible, but they lack the offer of the best price for the product they are looking for to make it. The audience of such sites is most inclined to buy, it does not need to be additionally pushed to action, at this stage only the price is important for them;
  • low conversion and high return on investment, payment option to choose from. Each price aggregator works according to its own payment scheme: click-through (transition from the price aggregator to the pages of the online store), payment for the result (the price aggregator takes a certain percentage of the cost of the purchased goods), subscription fee (standard monthly fee), etc. .;
  • placement on price aggregators is suitable for both large companies and projects with a small budget, with a reduction in which you can immediately stop uploading price lists;
  • competitor monitoring. Simultaneous placement of a large number of stores on price aggregators allows each of them to get acquainted with the prices of competitors. Thus, you can regulate the pricing policy of your own store.

Cons of a price aggregator for an online store:

  • constant monitoring of market prices. If the prices of goods are higher than the market, the number of transitions to the site will not increase. It is necessary to constantly monitor current prices and reasonably set a margin on your products;
  • price aggregators accept price lists only in a special file format - XML. Each time before uploading the price list, you need to take care of its correct format;
  • for each product announced on the price aggregator, you will need a separate link leading to a product with specific characteristics (for example, iphone 5s 8gb black, iphone 5s 16gb black, iphone 5s 8gb white, iphone 5s 16gb white - each phone model needs its own link ).

Some Ukrainian aggregators and their capabilities


  1. The service was created in 2007, contains catalogs of goods on various topics, product reviews, a convenient filter for comparing and monitoring current prices. Here you can find articles and product reviews that make it easier to buy a specific item.
  2. A convenient system for finding suitable prices for household and computer equipment, telephones and other goods. The price aggregator gives good traffic to the site and high conversion, contains reviews about stores and their rating. Form of payment - click-through using Webmoney, cashless payment through Privatbank, cash.
  3. . One of the oldest price aggregators, provides a comfortable search for products in a large number of product categories, high traffic to the site, high conversion rate. The form of payment is by click. One account can host several stores at the same time. There are reviews about stores, the ability to set a budget limit per day, and see what positions our products are in relation to competitors' products.
  4. . A price aggregator with which you can easily search for products in such product categories as household, computer, photo, video and org. technique. Here, users are offered a form of payment to choose from: click-through (for going to the site), night unlimited for regular customers (it is not indicated on the site, but at night the transitions to the site are free), “Best Offers” (for a fee, our products displayed above competitors' offers). has flexible settings for displaying a price list on convenient days and times.
  5. (Informincer) – price aggregator in Ukrainian. It contains information about companies that sell audio, video, computer, office, climate and household appliances. The form of payment is monthly, it is possible to set up email notifications about the status of the price list and prices on the server, you can use the trial publication for 1 month to evaluate the statistics and choose the most suitable tariff package.
  6. . Popular price aggregator. In addition to the usual placement, it offers VIP placement in the form of the "Market Leaders" block, brand block (graphic element), contextual message (contextual banner), etc. Payment is for a unique transition. Supports bank transfer and bank transfer for payment. It is possible to manage the daily budget.
  7. A platform for comparing prices and choosing goods. The price aggregator provides detailed descriptions of products, ratings of products and online stores, discussions and product reviews, the ability to make a purchase directly on the pages of the price aggregator, and much more. others
  8. A convenient platform for comparing prices and choosing goods. It presents products from such catalogs as cameras, telephony, computer equipment, televisions, climate control equipment, water supply equipment, garden equipment, household goods, children's goods. It is possible to compare products by technical characteristics, find the most popular products, read customer reviews.
  9. . Internet catalog of goods and prices, presented on the market for 10 years. There is not only a wide range of products, but also a detailed description of it, customer reviews. The price aggregator is equipped with a unique function - price control, which notifies you when the most favorable price offer appears.

Summarizing all of the above, we can confidently declare the effectiveness of price aggregators as a sales channel. Their use in a marketing strategy is justified for both large online stores and small online trading platforms. A small budget, transparency of actions, an interested target audience and a high level of conversion are the main advantages of price aggregators that will work for the benefit of a business literally from the first days of a campaign launch.

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