Promotion in social networks: should the content for Facebook, VKontakte and Instagram be different?


If you are not on the Internet, you are not in business. If your business is not on social networks, you are losing a huge number of customers. And let it seem to you that beautiful pictures with cats will not help to increase profits. But it is precisely through such “communication” on the social network that the user learns to trust your company, understands that it is interesting, fun and professional with you. And who is the easiest to give money to? Of course, to a friend in whom I am already sure.

The three most popular networks are Facebook, VKontakte and Instagram. In principle, they can post the same content. But the target audience for these sites is different. It would be logical to assume that the posts will also need to be different - both in subject matter and in direction.

Basic content is divided into three types:

  • entertaining;
  • involving;
  • news.

But even within these groups there are significant differences. For example, funny pictures and comics are more popular on VKontakte, Instagram is the leader in demand for food photos, and designer themed pictures come with a bang on Facebook. But news always remains news and is of interest to approximately the same number of users, regardless of their "registration place". In addition, it does not matter whether it is industry news or general news.

Social Media Audiences

Why do people generally post something on their pages in social networks? They are waiting for approval and acceptance from other people. If the page is designed for work, then there is no place for “cooing doves” on it - a potential client will not understand. So the publications are selected in such a way as to show their professionalism. If you communicate with friends, then the content will be appropriate - entertaining, positive, life-affirming. If you communicate with relatives or childhood friends, then most likely you will want to demonstrate how your life has changed by posting photos from a family vacation.

Thus, you will have to understand why a potential client “communicates” with you, why he came to the page and what he wants to see there. Typically, a successful social media strategy involves choosing a certain combination of posts: entertain the user, help them start interacting with the brand (for example, through tests or quizzes), and provide branded information. Keep a balance: most likely, among your target audience there are people with different requests for content.

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