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Website promotion for commercial requests requires a certain budget. However, the budget depends not only on competition, but also on the quality of competing sites. Search results are largely determined by internal optimization. Therefore, the cost of promotion also depends on how the site being promoted is optimized.

Let's look at the main points that affect the internal optimization of the "correct" site . They will help you achieve maximum results with a minimum investment of money.

  1. Register a domain name immediately after making a decision to work on the site. The older the domain, the greater the trust of search engines in the site. At the first stage, it is enough to hang a stub on the domain with a message that there will soon be a resource dedicated to this and that.
  2. When developing a site , try to stop using flash, frames and ajax. At this point in time, search engines are rather reluctant to index and highly rank resources that use such technologies.
  3. Pay attention to the site loading speed - this is one of the main requirements of modern search engine optimization. Optimize site code, cascading styles and images. Use only quality hosting with high uptime and fast servers.
  4. The use of CNC is a prerequisite for creating urls for website pages. In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, it is customary to transliterate Cyrillic into Latin.
  5. Despite conflicting opinions, be sure to fill in the meta tags and make them unique for each page. Don't forget about service tags for images.
  6. Frequent site updates are a good sign of quality in the eyes of search engines. Add new content as often as possible!
  7. The structure of the site, if possible, should not be deeper than the third level. Literally all pages of the site should be accessible in two clicks. Think over and make the most convenient site navigation. Be sure to use the site search.

Here, in fact, are the main criteria that a web developer should consider before starting to create a site . In this case, website promotion will take less time and money.

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