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How to increase the interest of potential visitors and encourage them to buy? How to return old customers who have already made purchases, but forgot about your store or temporarily lost interest in it? In other words, how to remind yourself so that the site's conversion increases? There are traditional and trendy tools for this. Traditional ones involve collecting contacts for their own database, and then sending letters to subscribers' e-mail addresses, while trend ones involve the use of modern instant messengers.

How to build a base

For successful remarketing, you need as many visitor contacts as possible. Almost everyone knows about this, but not everyone really records every contact. To get as many "appearances and passwords" as possible, indicate in the "contacts" block all possible means of communication, including Telegram and Viber (if they are active). Everyone who applies through any of the channels must be registered as a potential buyer.

Online chats are also suitable for collecting contacts. You just need to come up with a few creative phrases that will not irritate with their obsession. Replace the standard "can you help?" to something more memorable, and headline the feedback form that appears when operators are unavailable.

You can also chat through instant messengers, in which case you don’t even need to ask for additional contacts, because there is already a way to contact the client. However, before sending out via messengers, make sure that the person is willing to receive messages. Nobody likes spam.

If you are planning an e-mail newsletter, then you must:

  • think over a form for collecting email addresses with a minimum number of lines to fill out;
  • explain the benefits of subscribing to the newsletter, offer a bonus available only to subscribers;
  • specify how often letters will be received;
  • suggest the type and subject of content to choose from (if possible).

Messengers also provide the opportunity to subscribe to mailing lists, and here the open rate of a letter can even exceed 80%. But make sure that your offers for subscribers are really profitable. Most will leave their contacts for links, but not for the sake of reading the text to the end.

How to return clients

The hottest audience is the one that just visited your site. Users from this group can be reminded of themselves, even without their contacts - via Direct in Yandex or AdWords in Google. With the right settings, your ads will be seen by those who have already visited the site. Thus, the number of marketing touches increases, the audience warms up, and the conversion grows.

You can use several types of remarketing at once, including social media pixels. Comprehensive testing will help you choose the right settings.

How to use the contact database

Ideally, for each contact from the database, you need to keep a personal “marketing story”: what you bought or planned, what you watched and what you asked about. You can track the amount of purchases, as well as where the customer came from. The more information there is about each specific user, the faster you can make him an offer that cannot be refused.

E-mail newsletters are still effective, but this does not mean that every letter should contain only a profitable commercial offer. Sometimes a small postscript in an informational letter can work (this gives the impression that you are not selling, but are recommending in a friendly way).

For a young audience, mailing in instant messengers will work better. It can also be segmented - for example, to send new users a chain of "preparatory" letters.

In parallel with this, they launch remarketing “on all fronts”. Such an integrated approach guarantees the greatest coverage of the audience.

So, to bring back a visitor and turn them into a customer, remind yourself of yourself by increasing the number of marketing touches. You can also offer a bonus, discount or gift to those who have not yet bought anything from you, and to those who bought but stopped coming, sell related products or services. Also, don’t focus on sales alone: you can also increase customer loyalty with a series of newsletters or posts.

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