Push notifications as an effective type of remarketing


An acceptable conversion rate for a commercial site is 6-8%. A figure above 10% is already a "golden dream" for many marketers, because in reality it barely exceeds 3%. But even if you have achieved a conversion of 12-15%, you should not triumph. After all, in fact, this means that more than ¾ of visitors still leave your site without buying anything. Imagine, 85-90% of potential customers do not buy anything! Especially for the return of those who viewed, but did not make a purchase, and there is remarketing.

Traditional types of remarketing

Among the popular channels that allow you to return visitors and convert them into buyers, only 4 are still named:

  • Google Display Network
  • Target in social networks
  • Email distribution
  • SMS mailing

The effectiveness of all these approaches can be argued, but with the right approach, they really work. But you will need knowledge about the organization of the process and a significant budget (especially in the case of launching contextual advertising), and also a fairly long period of time. You can work on these return channels, or you can test the fifth method - push notifications.

What are the features of push notifications and how do they work

What is push? These are short ads: title (about 50 characters), text (100-125 characters) and an attention-grabbing picture (maybe two pictures - main and additional, such notifications are characterized by increased clickability).

You can master all the settings and design recommendations in a very short period. In addition, the benefits of push include:

  • The user can subscribe to notifications with just one button, one click of the mouse.
  • A high degree of protection and guaranteed anonymity (each registrant is assigned their own “cipher”, protected from copying and personalization).
  • Notification services charge a small fee for use.
  • Notifications are displayed directly on the monitor, so they are difficult to ignore or not see. For this reason, the percentage of clicks on links will be high.

The statistics of notification services suggests that there will be more than 15-20% of clicks. This is almost 4 times higher than the standard e-mail newsletter (with much less training and maintenance costs). Unlike mobile applications, creating push notifications for the web is not a costly task, so it can be used everywhere.

Push notifications are delivered directly to browsers. Thanks to this, a large number of users trust them as recommendations of native advertising.

Where to use push notifications

This method of remarketing is especially in demand in two online industries - media and ecommerce. For commercial projects, it is extremely important to regularly inform users about product range updates, promotions, stock replenishment, and so on. In addition, you can set up notifications and use them to report the status of order processing.

In the media, maximum efficiency and constant updates are also important. Notifications of this type are chosen precisely because they are displayed instantly and provide a high percentage of open.

The mailing can be customized according to the needs of a specific target group of visitors, tied to some events, holidays, made thematic or informational. TA can be divided into fairly narrow segments.

The only problem may be the lack of user awareness about this method of communication. Therefore, it is not necessary to make pop-ups intrusive: it is enough if push notifications are shown when the visitor somehow shows his interest. Then you will get a great remarketing channel that is efficient and cost-effective, easy to optimize, and helps collect data for analytics.

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