Redesign: we turn the site into an effective business tool

Редизайн: превращаем сайт в эффективный бизнес-инструмент

In our studio, the concept of "redesign" has a broader meaning than a banal change of the cover of the site, in fact, it is a huge set of measures to improve its work. From Latin, the literal translation of “designare” is to measure, outline. The particle “re”, which migrated to us from the same language, is used to denote a repeated or reverse action. What needs to be outlined and measured again in order to get an effective business tool?

How to know that the hour has struck?

Catalysts for launching the redesign process:

  • there is a site, but it does not sell;
  • sells, but would like more;
  • the selling site of competitors does not let you sleep at night.

Any adequate entrepreneur strives to optimize processes and expand the business. The redesign of the site is based not only on the refinement and updating of the existing interface, its foundation is Internet marketing with a well-thought-out strategy.

Site redesign stages

On the way to a comfortable future site, you need to overcome 6 steps:

  1. We set goals and strive to achieve them.

    Everything starts with a clear statement, but it should not be like an ephemeral daydream like “I want more money.” Yes, it is formulated clearly and categorically, but without specifics and clarifications, this plan will obviously fail. Love the numbers, and they will become a good mentor for you, and look up to him. Determine the REAL potential of your business and try to predict the time frame, for example, “increase website search traffic by 50% by October 1st” or “get +10% conversions in 2 months”. It is very important that the goal is feasible and achievable within a precisely defined time frame. Then we immediately move on to action and improvement.

  2. Analysis of competitor sites and market leaders.

    What needs to be worked on and what exactly can be improved will be prompted by competitors. You need to familiarize yourself with the websites of firms from the same business niche, and understand how they compare favorably with your online brainchild. It is important to look not only at the resources of campaigns from your native region, but also to equal the best - the leaders in sales in the country and even the world.

  3. Audit of your own site.

    They stared at others, and now they will have to find the log in their own eye. Statistics, statistics and more statistics! She never fails and always tells only the truth, this sacred manuscript will help you find answers to any questions. The only catch is that it needs to be interpreted correctly, in other words: to know where to look and what to pay attention to.

  4. Strategy.

    Valuable knowledge gained by monitoring your own and "neighborly" business will help in drawing up an accurate action plan with specific goals and deadlines. It is important to emphasize that at this stage a detailed strategy is already being drawn up with specific solutions to problems, problems, with algorithms for correcting errors and shortcomings.

  5. Reincarnation.

    We have come close to unraveling the essence of the redesign and its main components.

    What will be upgraded first?

    • Design
    • Content
    • SEO Metrics
    • Service

    Let's repeat ourselves for the thousandth time and say that design plays a decisive role in measuring the profitability of a site. Yes, it is with him that the user begins to get acquainted with your business. When developing a new design, attention should be paid not only to the color scheme, but also to the convenient arrangement of elements, the logical structure (rearrangement and renaming of sections of the site), the availability of any information in 3 cherished clicks, the presence of search and hints, as well as the possibility of adaptive layout.

    Content is the "soul" of an Internet resource, for the sake of which a potential client clicked on the link. The original design will not help keep the user on the site if he tries in vain to find the necessary information. Product descriptions should be not only exhaustive, but also crystal clear and simple. Explanations, pages with contacts, information about the benefits of the company are always written in an accessible, easy, but by no means dry language and contain calls to action.

    Improving the position of the site in search engines and increasing traffic is the final stage of site modernization. Thanks to SEO , the maximum percentage of the target audience will know about your updated convenient, creative and relevant project.

    As a rule, a team of professionals works on the site: designers, developers, optimizers, engineers and marketers. The task of the business owner during this period is to improve the service , take care of convenient forms of payment and delivery, timely provision of information and other thousand little things that affect the level of service and directly affect the decision of customers. Even a site that is as close to the ideal as possible, without quality products and a friendly attitude towards customers is money thrown to the wind.

    Only a comprehensive, competent upgrade of these closely related main components can increase the conversion and, as a result, the profit from sales from the site.

  6. We analyze the results of the work done.

    After the deadline has passed, we begin to work on the mistakes, look back at our new life and honestly answer the question: “Are the goals achieved?”. Not? - Adjusting the strategy. The answer is positive - well, you can continue in the same spirit for some time, but still you should not relax.

Recursive process

The redesign of the site involves not only the modernization of the design in terms of the outer shell, but also a set of measures to improve dozens of indicators of the resource, which will later be included in 30% of the UA-net selling sites.

Редизайн сайта

It is impossible to achieve business development without continuous modernization and updating of processes. As a rule, it is necessary to repeat the procedure for analyzing the sales market and the achievements of competitors 4 times a year and, based on this information, build new plans and strategies. Redesign is a recursive (repeating) phenomenon, after a certain time it is necessary to resort to its beneficial effects again and this is normal. Only by paying due attention to your site, you can turn it into an effective business tool.

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