Remarketing: the main tips without which it will not be effective

Remarketing Top Tips

The statistics are ruthless: only 2% of attracted traffic is converted during the first visit to the site. It turns out that 98% of visitors are potential customers who may return to you, or may find a more attractive offer. It is clear that losing their attention is an unforgivable mistake. That's why remarketing exists.

How does remarketing work?

How remarketing works

Remarketing is advertising that works according to a certain principle. It acts as a reminder to those who have already visited your site, who have already been interested in your products. A special code on the site is responsible for launching remarketing, and your ads are shown to users even when they are viewing other people's products. Yes, this feeling that Yandex is following you and knows everything you are interested in is just the principle of remarketing.

So, thanks to this advertising technique, you can convert much more than 2% of visitors into buyers. But there are basic rules that you need to follow.

Remarketing rules

Remarketing rules

For maximum conversion, actively use the basic principles of remarketing:

  1. Segmentation . Observe your target audience and divide it by behavior, age, preference and other characteristics. There is a special Lindscoring model that helps to understand when a visitor is ready to make a purchase. Actively use the information you receive to optimize your ad delivery. And the user will again see links to pages of interest to him.
  2. Display frequency . Imagine - you go into the salon to choose a new smartphone. You haven't decided yet whether you want a white iPhone or a black Samsung. But here comes the sales assistant. He knows everything about everything, what color is in fashion now, how to install a Pokemon game, but he doesn't let you go even for a second. Will you buy under pressure? Very unlikely. Most likely, no one will like too aggressive sales. To avoid irritation, you should limit the frequency of impressions. The optimal strategy is to fix the limit of impressions and not use them for more than the specified time. Of course, it is important to take into account both the purpose and the "warmth" of the buyer, but professionals do not recommend more than 20 impressions per month.
  3. The duration of the advertising campaign . Short campaigns up to 7 days can be more successful than long ones up to 90 days. It all depends on what kind of product you offer. Compare campaign scale so you can see what works best.
  4. Updates . This is almost the basis of success. When a visitor sees that there is an active life on the site, he is interested in keeping track of the news. It is the updates that help to keep attention.
  5. A/B testing . Learn which ads are the most effective. The difference can be just one word, and the conversion will increase by 40%. The size of ads is also important. It has already been established that 728*90 or 300*25 pixel ads perform better than others. Content type: graphics, analytics or entertaining texts - your visitors may be interested in something other than what they are shown.
  6. BurnPixel . Suitable for those who practice only one-time purchases. This is a special line in the code that fires when the user confirms the order. From that moment on, advertisements are no longer shown to him.

However, you should not ignore existing customers. After all, statistics show that 80% of your income will come from 20% of your customers. And even if customers converted for one stock, they can always be attracted to another.

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