Reorganization of the Packman repository structure


There has been a reorganization of the structure of the Packman repository, which is the main repository for the GNU/Linux distribution of Arch Linux, as well as an additional repository for many other GNU/Linux distributions, including openSUSE.

From now on, it is divided into several different ones.

  • Essentials - the main multimedia components (libraries, codecs).
  • Multimedia - various programs and auxiliary components.
  • Games - games.
  • Extra - everything that is not included in the previous categories.

The old links still work. They link to new addresses.

/suse/11.3 ---> /suse/openSUSE_11.3

You can use a common repository as before, you can connect separately. In the latter case, Essentials is necessary.

In openSUSE 11.4, YaST2 will have a selection of separate repositories under "Community Repositories".

For zypper you can use links:

  • or generic:

Full list of mirrors server is down!

While not everything is finished yet, not all packages have been transferred. Work is underway.

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