Resetting css styles without reloading the page


Often, when typesetting different projects, you have to press the F5 key very, very many times , thereby Refreshing the page in the browser. The main part of the layout designer's job is to make changes to the styles and check their display in browsers. Experienced layout designers are well aware of the principles of HTML + CSS and the number of clicks decreases.

In fact, there is nothing to worry about if you refresh the page 8 times or twice, the appearance or speed of the site will certainly not change.

Sometimes you have to work not on pure html, where F5 is fine, but on large or unoptimized projects, where the data loading time is noticeable, such a work process is tiring.

Today I offer you a good plugin for Firefox css Reloader.

CSS Reloader - install, restart FireFox, press F9 (CSS is reset) .

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