Resolving conflict situations between the company and the client

Conflict resolution

In psychology, there are two types of conflict: constructive and destructive. A constructive conflict is much easier to resolve, because. the client may not be satisfied with something, but he is determined to solve the problem and is ready to listen and go to a meeting. Destructive is just the opposite. The client in this situation is very aggressive and he is extremely dissatisfied. It is very difficult to communicate with him.

The main task of the manager is to listen to the client and translate the destructive conflict into a constructive one in order to solve the problem and smooth out the current situation.

How to do it?

There are many specific neutralizing phrases to remember and apply in these situations. For example:

1. “Have I understood the essence of the problem correctly…”
2. "Let's figure it out..."
3. "I understand you, but ..."
4. "Please repeat the essence of your problem."
5. “Okay, I understand your task. Now we will solve it."

The main thing is that the client sees that he is being listened to and understood.

He needs to be talked to, made to think about the problem and bring objective facts. It is very important that he calm down, lower his tone. And then you can consider that you are on the right path to resolving the conflict.

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