ROI marketing scheme that will provide maximum profit for your project


If several specialists are responsible for managing an e-commerce project at once, it is difficult to achieve unity of action. Accordingly, the profit will not be as high as if one person were responsible for everything. It is better that one manager controls all stages of the sales funnel, makes decisions about changes, and selects processes for optimization based on analysis. There is a ROI marketing scheme, following which you can easily draw up a work plan and evaluate the effectiveness of investments.

But before you start working with this scheme, it is important to conduct a full audit in order to find out the benefits of the product, the features of its promotion, and the channels through which new customers come. The offers and actions of competitors are also evaluated. The audit allows you to identify the main difficulties with the formation of demand for a product or service.

4 main directions for promotion

In order to increase profits, you will need to provide:

  1. Sales growth.
  2. Conversion growth.
  3. Search traffic growth.
  4. Growth of advertising traffic.

Which direction will come first? This is decided after a comprehensive audit, when they identify the bottleneck in the sales funnel, which hinders making a profit.

How to ensure the growth of advertising traffic

In order to increase advertising traffic, you will need to set up contextual advertising, then analyze its effectiveness and optimize it based on the results of the analysis. The same work should be carried out on all advertising channels. This will help prevent budget drain, as well as increase profits by increasing the number of ad views.

Must be analyzed:

  • the correctness of the compilation of the semantic core:
  • the quality of the chosen advertising platforms;
  • clickability of the ad;
  • failure rate;
  • lead cost.

How to Grow Search Traffic

SEO optimization is essential to increase search traffic. The promotion plan is drawn up based on the collected semantic core, this is the basis for both internal website optimization and external search engine promotion.

For quality promotion you need:

  • conduct a comprehensive internal optimization of the site, make relinking;
  • track down technical errors that may hinder the SEO promotion of the site;
  • work out useful blocks and functions for site visitors that will increase the behavioral factors of the project, for example, "Comparison of products", "Buy in 1 click", "Smart search";
  • work out a strategy for external promotion of the resource;
  • select high-quality donors for placement of external links;
  • carry out work with recommendations and crowd marketing;
  • conduct constant monitoring of positions and changes in the reference mass;
  • constant analytics of results and adjustment of the strategy.

How to ensure conversion growth

Work to increase the conversion is carried out after analyzing the behavior of visitors on the site. Be sure to evaluate: the depth of views, the bounce rate, the time spent on the site, the conversion rate.

The structure of the page should meet the expectations of the target audience. Based on the prototype, a design and layout is created. It is important to choose an idea that will definitely hook potential customers.

How to ensure sales growth

At this stage, it is very important to check the integrity of the work of the sales department. Sometimes it is the negligent manager that can be the “weak link” due to which the business loses profit. It is difficult to calculate the lost profit, but it is possible to optimize the processes and ensure the work "at the maximum". To do this, a complete analytics of the sales department is carried out, from the technical infrastructure to the skills of each individual seller. Be sure to check how well managers know their product and how quickly they contact customers.

The optimization of the sales team will include the creation of new scripts for conversations with buyers, as well as comprehensive training for managers to help them improve their skills and close more deals.

After the work has been carried out for each stage, end-to-end analytics and calculation of the return on investment for each of the channels will be required. Thus, work to increase profits is built cyclically: setting goals - creating a work plan - carrying out work to increase advertising, search traffic, conversion and sales - calculating ROI for each channel - setting goals. As a criterion of efficiency, there will always be profit, and not some ephemeral indicators. It is this approach that is fully consistent with business objectives.

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