Safe fonts. The layout designer will always come in handy


Safe fonts - fonts that can be used on the site without looking back. Using safe fonts , you can not be afraid that the user will not find this font, of course, it may not be found, but this is unlikely.

Note to every layout designer a list of safe fonts .

*Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif
*Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif
* Courier New, Courier, monospace
* Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
* Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif
* Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif
* Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif
* Times New Roman, Times, Serif
* Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, Palatino, serif
* Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande, sans-serif
*MS Serif, New York, serif
* Lucida Console, Monaco, monospace
* Comic Sans MS, cursive

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