Search engine optimization market in Ukraine or SEO results of 2010


In 2010 , many businessmen began to use the Internet as a real channel for promoting completely ordinary offline businesses. Which confirms the previously predicted big shift in the minds of Ukrainians and is a trend.

Another trend in 2010 was a closer attention to social media as a tool for promoting goods and services, but this tool in Ukraine is still weak and there are practically no specialists who are fluent in it.

It should also be noted the change in the conditions for website promotion, the shift of guarantees from the usual achievement of TOPs to efficiency from the point of view of the end client - an increase in sales and calls.

At the end of the year, a change in the Yandex algorithm made many optimizers think about an alternative to the link component - internal site optimization and unique content. All this is due to the continued movement of search engines in the direction of taking into account social and behavioral factors.

As for 2011 , here it is expected:

  • increase the SEO market by 50%;
  • raising business awareness regarding advertising on the Internet;
  • transferring most of the SEO campaigns from the black market into the hands of professional Internet agencies;
  • increasing SEO budgets;
  • changing the conditions for promoting sites, the gradual withering away of the scheme "achieving TOPs";
  • development of online advertising for offline businesses in social media;
  • an integrated approach to Internet advertising;
  • formation of the Internet marketing market.

Webakula specialists have already begun to work in the planned areas.

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