Search engine optimization or contextual advertising?

Which is more effective, search engine optimization or contextual advertising?
You can accurately answer this question only after a thorough analysis of your site and an understanding of the currently relevant promotion goals. However, we can make some general recommendations.
Search engine optimization of sites (website promotion, site promotion) is a series of actions aimed at increasing the popularity of a site in search engines for a variety of queries. This is an effective form of advertising on the Internet for your business.

Contextual advertising - advertising that is published in the search results and these results necessarily correspond to the subject of the request. Contextual advertising is seen only by those users who are purposefully looking for certain information and, accordingly, are ready to make a purchase of a product or service, and possibly from you. Therefore, the profitability of such advertising is much higher than usual.

Pay attention to contextual advertising if:
- you are focused on an urgent result, i.e. a sharp increase in new targeted visitors;
- you do not have the opportunity to make one-time large advertising costs, but you need buyers now;
- you need a guaranteed hit on the selected keyword on the first page of search engine results.

Use search engine optimization if:
- the priority for you is a long-term, gradual, and most importantly - a qualitative increase in the target audience;
- significant site traffic from search engines is expected;
- not a lot of competition for search queries that reflect the direction of your business.

Combined method
Search engine optimization of a site is often accompanied by contextual advertising. Proper site optimization in combination with contextual advertising will provide you with a significant increase in targeted visitors interested in the goods (services) of your company. Search engine optimization is aimed at a long-term increase in targeted traffic to the site, contextual advertising successfully solves such urgent and fast tasks as, for example, holding promotions.

As a result, site optimization, along with contextual advertising, gives a tangible return with a professional approach, because effective advertising on the Internet leads to a significant increase in profits. And this will allow you to quickly recoup all the funds that you invested in optimizing the site, supported by contextual advertising.

But, it should be remembered that no matter which way you choose to promote the site, it is required that the site itself is easy to use and contains the necessary information so that a potential client becomes your real client. If the site is professional, the services provided are competitive, the promotion is implemented with high quality, only in this case the site will fulfill all the tasks for business development!

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