Search results - censored?

Google has released a report on the number of requests from countries to it, with a request to censor the information they provide when users query their search engine.
According to these data, it turns out that the United States became the leader of such requests, this country applied 4215 times during the first half of 2010. The US is followed by Brazil with 2,833 requests. Russia, according to these reports, did not apply in 2010, however, asked to remove some information less than 10 times, but Google denied the request.

Britain sent 1391 appeals.

The company provided detailed statistics in the form of an interactive map for each country. It is available at

But there is no data for Ukraine - so there is no censorship in the results of Ukrainian issuance, and therefore search results can be considered free media. Here are just Internet users in Ukraine so far - 32% of the population, but it can be assumed that with the increase in the Internet audience of Ukraine, our country will also turn to Google on censorship issues.

The news was prepared by Alexander Dotsenko.

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