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seo-blic-aktualnyx-voprosov Website promotion raises many questions even for those SEOs who have been working in client-side SEO for some time. Moreover, the constantly changing formula of search algorithms forces experienced SEOs to look for answers as well. Today we will consider in a blitz mode several topical issues related to the promotion of sites in search engines .

  • The title of each page of the site can have not only a keyword, but also linking words. However, the more words in the title, the less weight falls on the promoted anchor.
  • In the case of using a 301 redirect , already purchased / existing links will not be lost. Their weight will still flow to the final page, which is given to the user.
  • The main factors that should be taken into account when choosing a link donor: the site should not trade links in SAPE, indexing in both Yandex and Google should be approximately the same, there must be traffic from search engines.
  • The maximum level of trust transmitted by a link occurs only after 2-3 months from the moment it is indexed by search engines.
  • The behavioral factor that is fashionable now is of the greatest importance if visitors start clicking on the purchased link. Hence the conclusion that by buying links on resources with high traffic, you will get not just a link mass, but also improve the behavioral factor of the site being promoted.
  • Installing the Yandex.Metrica and Yandex.Webmaster code can help the search engine to correctly rank your site and its individual pages for certain pages. The ability to collect statistics search engines will perceive as a good sign of the site.
  • It has been noticed that the conversion of a selling site is much higher if it is promoted by several low-frequency queries than by reaching the TOP-10 for a medium- or even high-frequency query. The more specific the request, the more interested the visitor will go to the site.
  • Make the most of cascading styles . Don't nest tags on <h1>, <a>, and so on. Code cleanliness is a sign of a quality website.

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